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Chapter 9: The Bird Has Flown

I told to the principal that “You are preparing actors, not missionaries. You are not preparing Christians. Can you tell me where Jesus was prepared, in what kind of college, what lessons he took in eloquence, where he learned how to deliver the Sermon on the Mount - how to stand, how to speak, what words to emphasize?”

The principal said, “He never learned anything.”

I said, “Then the difference is clear. The words that came to him came out of his experience, and these poor, stupid people that you are preparing, they will simply be repeating like parrots. Jesus won’t be in their hearts. The experience is missing; they won’t have any authenticity. When you have something to say, the very experience finds its own way of expression. When you have something to say it finds its own way; it finds the words, the gestures. But you can learn the gestures, and the words; that does not mean that you will find the experience. If there is experience there is expression, not vice versa.

“You are preparing parrots. You are making these people more stupid than they would have come here And what they are doing is so silly that only very mediocre people can do such kinds of things.”

But that’s what goes on happening all over the world.

Religion has nothing to do with words; it has something to do with realization. And if you realize, words automatically happen When your heart is full with a song you start finding the words. You start finding the right language, or whatsoever language you use becomes the right language and whatsoever words you use become significant.

Jesus is not a great scholar; he uses very ordinary words, day-to-day words, the language of the common people, of the marketplace, of the laborers, farmers, gardeners, fishermen, woodcutters, beggars, prostitutes, gamblers, drunkards. He is not a scholar, but nobody has spoken so beautifully. His words have such tremendous quality, such immense magic. Yes, it can only be called magic for the simple reason that they are alive.

You don’t know any rabbi’s name who was part in the conspiracy to crucify Jesus. All those great scholars have been forgotten. And this young man, the son of a carpenter, has still tremendous import, for the simple reason that his words have some truth in them. They are not only empty containers; there is some content.

Zen says: Right words, even right words, in the wrong hands become wrong, and vice versa. Even wrong words in the right hands become right. It is the magic of the person, it is the charisma of the experienced, awakened man that whatsoever he touches becomes gold; even dust becomes divine. In the hands of those who are fast asleep even gold is not gold.

This is something to be remembered. Then these small parables will start revealing great treasures to you. Words we can use, but the meaning will come from our own experience.

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