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Chapter 1: From Dependence toward Truth

A parrot watching from a distance cried out: “Stupid bird, you lost a golden cage and you are happy about it? Not even one is fortunate to have it! It is only obtained by good deeds of our past lives. But you ignorant fool, you do not know the art of living in a golden cage. The first and foremost rule is to do exactly what the master says without thinking about right and wrong: for he who falls into this error cannot stay within it. Thinking begets rebellion and whosoever begins to think, cannot remain in captivity. Why did you commit the mistake of thinking, you silly bird? To think is dangerous. Sensible people never think. They stay within their prisons and call it their home, their temple. At the most, you could have decorated the bars from within; a decorated cage give the impression of a house. Remember, the majority of people adorn their cages in just this fashion and look upon them as their homes.

The bird paid no attention; he was mad with ecstasy, his wings fluttering in the gentle breeze - for he was once again out in the open air. But the parrot continued to give his unasked for advice. “Learn the art of retaining the golden cage from us parrots. We always say what the master says. We never say the truth. In fact, we do not care to think that is truth. We say what the master says. What he does, is not to be mentioned. We see with the master’s eyes and think with his thoughts. We never use our eyes or our brains.” Saying this the parrot quickly went and occupied the open cage. The guard shut the door.

The parrot is still within the cage, saying just what the master says. He will remain closed in that cage forever, for the parrots speak everything but the truth. The parrot is a bird after all, but among human beings too, the likes of parrots are numerous. These parrots too, repeat what their masters have said; and for thousands of years they have gone on repeating and repeating what they have been told. There are parrots of scriptures, there are parrots of sects and cults, there are parrots of temples - the whole of mankind is pestered with the noise these parrots make! And their voices, heard incessantly, capture our minds, so that gradually we too, become parrots. Then we are not even aware that there are open skies and that we have wings to soar into them; we are not even aware of that thing called soul or beatitude!

If you want to maintain peace in your captivity, do not ever mention the word truth. If life is accepted only as an existence in subjugation and confinement, never ever make the mistake of liking your eyes toward truth. Consider him your enemy who talks about truth, for truth is dangerous; for truth leads to freedom and freedom offers no security.

There is great security in bondage. How safe is the cage? There is no fear of storms and high winds. The pouring of clouds and the flash of lightning hold no terror. No, there is no fear, man is safe within the bars of his cage.

In the vast skies are many dangers. Imagine a tiny bird in the endless skies with their terrible storms and mighty gales - there is no protection, there is no safety. That is why the majority of people prefer bondage. If you desire security, ask yourself - do you want to be a captive? If that is so, do not ever talk of truth. Then captivity, bondage, is the only answer. For be it of politics or religion or wealth or of words, if security is desired, it is best to be dependent.

The quest of truth is not for those who believe in a safe and secure existence. It is a quest for eager and fearless souls.for those who have not forgotten their wings and the open skies. Deep within them, some lost remembrance stirs to break ties, pull down walls and fly.fly to that element where there are no walls, no fetters!

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