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Chapter 12: Be Capable of Non-Doing

You have not done anything without the head; the head has always been the vehicle. You have loved, but through the head. You have enjoyed music, but through the head. You are not even aware of it, because you means your head. Unless you start moving away from it and do things that are irrational and irrelevant to the structure of the mind, things with which the mind cannot cope, you will not become aware of it.

I understand what you mean.but how?

That how is the question of the mind. The mind says, “Then what is the technique?” - So then it can again control. Any technique can be controlled by the mind. Mind is the creator of all technology, and with it, mind is perfectly happy. It can possess the technique and use it; it remains supreme.

If you ask how, you again move from the same dimension. It is not a question of how, rather it is a question of understanding what the mind has given you - what peace, what blessings it has showered upon you. If you feel contented, if you feel that this is the end, then there is no problem, don’t be worried about it. But if you feel that something is still lacking, that the harmony is not complete, that you have not arrived, then start doing something that is not rational.

For example, next time you listen to music, become a participant in it; start dancing. In the beginning it will look awkward, because in the West people have become completely passive. You listen to music, you read a book, you see a film - you are never a participant anywhere, just a watcher, a spectator. The whole of humanity has been reduced to being spectators. It is as if somebody else is making love and you are watching - and that is happening. The whole of humanity has become peeping toms. Somebody else is doing the things and you are a watcher. Of course you are out of it, so there is no involvement, no commitment, no danger. But how can you understand love by watching somebody else make love?

My feeling is that people have become spectators so deeply that when they make love they are watchers. In the East, people have been making love in the dark, but in the West they have started making love in the light - all lights on, mirrors all around, so you can watch yourself making love. There are people who have fixed cameras in their bedrooms so that pictures can be taken automatically, so later on they can see themselves making love.

Pornography has become so significant, almost the bible of the day. What is the appeal of it? You can watch. A man making love to his woman is not thinking of this woman at all; he is thinking of some playboy girl; the real woman is almost nothing.

When you participate, something irrational starts working. Make love and just be like wild animals. If you listen to music, dance.because unless the music becomes a dance in you, the head will go on functioning. Once the music has become a dance, reason is put aside. Reason can only be a spectator - it can never be a participant. It is always on the safe side, watching from somewhere where there is no danger.

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