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Chapter 9: God Is Dead: Godliness Is

That’s why it still remains a problem whether men like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, ever existed, or whether they are only just mythology. Nobody is suspicious about Alexander the Great, and Napoleon, and Tamerlane, and Genghis Khan, and Nadir Shah; nobody is suspicious about them. They have left so many destructive proofs, you cannot deny them. History is full of the fools; from Tamerlane to Adolf Hitler they are the major part of history, because they create news. History is ancient news. That which is in the newspaper today will become part of history tomorrow, and that which is history today had been in the news yesterday.

But somehow the buddhas are left out of the account. Why? What must be the reason? The reason is that these people were not destructive: they never killed, they never conquered, they never possessed anybody. They lived so silently, they lived so blissfully, they never created a ripple.

Once I was talking to the Prime Minister of India; and I asked, “What are the qualifications? How do you choose your cabinet colleagues?”

And the Prime Minister said, “Whosoever has a nuisance value, whosoever can create more nuisance, has to be chosen.” That is the qualification. If he is left out of the cabinet he will create trouble. He has to be taken into the cabinet, he has to be made a minister so he does not create trouble.

Troublemakers become powerful. Troublemakers become heads of state, troublemakers create news.

Miguel is a journalist. If his training has gone too deep it will be really difficult for him to participate here. But there are a few things you can know only by participation. If you don’t dance you will not know what it is. You can see somebody else dancing, but it is one thing to see a dancer and it is totally another thing to be a dancer. Seeing a dancer from the outside, you are simply seeing physical gestures. Being a dancer from the inside, you will know the real feel of it.

Somebody can tell you that he has a headache and you can understand that he is in pain. But from the outside - if you have never known a headache - will you be able to understand exactly what his agony is? You will never be able to understand it. It is something interior; you have to participate.

Even suffering cannot be known from the outside - suffering, which is gross. What to say about bliss? What to say about peace, serenity? They are the highest peaks, the Everests of human consciousness. Even dark valleys cannot be known from the outside. You have to go into them, you have to disappear into them.

So if you are really interested, if the question is not just for the question’s sake, then be a participant. Fall en rapport with me. Put your mind aside - that’s what I mean by death - put your ego aside. Enter into this buddhafield as a small child, innocent, knowing nothing. Function from the state of not-knowing - that’s what I mean by death - function from the state of innocence, and tremendous are the possibilities: you can also bloom, as other flowers are blooming in my garden.

The second question:

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