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Chapter 14: Follow Your Being

Osho turns to the other assistant.

I’d like to act as a vehicle; to allow things to happen through me. But for this, I feel more moments of being quiet and inactive are needed. I wonder if the structure allows this.

Make it part of the work! It is helpful. Activity helps and passivity too. After each intensive experience, a few moments of passivity are tremendously useful and meaningful.

In fact, that is the whole meaning of the active work: to bring you to a point where you are exhausted, tired. Tired of activity, tired of aggression, tired of outgoingness; so tired that you would like to relax within yourself. You would like to simply sit and do nothing, or lie down as if you would like to disappear for a few moments, to withdraw.

So these moments of withdrawal are very very meaningful. So make it part of your work. First be very active, because only then those moments are available. The activity should be so intense and so passionate that you are really burned out, otherwise if you simply sit without intense activity, nothing will happen; you are not ready.

After the activity, sit in silence together. You can hold hands and be in a circle, not doing anything. Just a few moments will revitalize you. You will be able to feel that the energy is not coming from you, but from something deeper than you, higher than you, greater than you. You are at the receiving end. It is not coming from you; it is being given to you.


I’ve realized how much I miss my mother. I feel a deep split.

It has been very good(.

The mother is the first love; and through the mother you start loving the world. Through the mother you start being capable of love, and whenever you come to love somebody, your mother’s love will be present there.

You have touched something very basic. Cry, and be happy about it. Don’t suppress it. It will bring many things up. If a man cannot love his mother very deeply then he cannot love any woman, because all women are representatives of the mother, reflections of her.

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