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Chapter 13: Passive Alertness Is the Key

One quality of sleep is not there, that is unconsciousness - that should not be there, because meditation cannot be unconscious. And one quality from your waking state is not there, that is occupiedness, because if you are occupied then the mind is working, you are enclosed in thoughts.

While you are awake there are two things: alertness and occupiedness. While you are asleep there are two things: passivity and unconsciousness. One thing from wakefulness, one thing from sleep - alertness and passivity - they make meditation. And if you take the other two ingredients, occupation and unconsciousness, you become mad. Those two ingredients, occupied and unconscious, make madness, make the madman. Passivity and alertness make the meditative man, a buddha. You have all four ingredients. Mix two and you will become mad. Mix the other two and you will become meditative.

Remember this: I say again and again that silence, the bliss that pervades you when you are open, is not something to be done by you. It is a let-go. It is a happening to you, it comes to you.

People come to me and they say: “We are searching for God - how to reach him?” And I tell them: You cannot reach him and you cannot search for him - because you don’t know him. How will you recognize that he is God? You don’t know him. How will you move? How will you choose the path? You don’t know him. How can you decide if this is his house, this is his abode?

No, you cannot, you cannot search for the divine. But there is no need because the divine is always near you, within you. Whenever you allow him, he searches for you, he reaches you. God is in search of you. God has always been in search of you. No search on your part is needed.

Seek and you will miss.

Don’t seek. Simply remain passive and alert so whenever he comes you are open. Many times he comes and knocks on your door but you are fast asleep - or even if you hear the knock you interpret it in your own way. You think it is just the wind blowing fast and strong. Or you think: “Some stranger has knocked and he will go by himself; there is no need to disturb my sleep.”

Your interpretations are your enemies, and you are great interpreters. Whatsoever is, you immediately interpret it; your mind starts functioning and grinding it and you change it immediately. You color it; you give it a different meaning that was never there. You project yourself into it. You destroy it.

Reality does not need any interpretation. Truth does not need any thinking about. No one ever reaches the truth through thinking. That’s why the whole of philosophy is false - bound to be false, no philosophy can be true. Philosophers go on fighting, they go on struggling to prove that their philosophy is true. No philosophy can be true. Truth needs no philosophy. Philosophy means thinking about, rationalizing about; philosophy means interpretation of the facts.

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