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Chapter 13: The Way of Inner Change

War gives a chance for man to become animal; hence war has great attraction. In three thousand years’ history man has fought five thousand wars - continuously, somewhere or other, the war continues. Not even a single day passes when man is not killing other men. Why such tremendous joy in destruction, in killing? The reason is deep down in the psychology of man.

The moment you kill, suddenly you are one; you become the animal again, the duality disappears. Hence, in murder, in suicide, there is a tremendous magnetic force. Man cannot be persuaded yet to be nonviolent. Violence erupts. Names change, slogans change, but the violence remains the same. It may be in the name of religion, in the name of political ideology, or any absurd thing - a football match is enough for people to get violent, a cricket match is enough.

People are so much interested in violence that if they cannot do it themselves - because it is risky and they think of the consequences - they find vicarious ways to be violent. In a movie, or on the TV, violence is a must; without violence, nobody is going to see the film. Seeing violence and blood, suddenly you are reminded of your animal past; you forget your present, you completely forget your future - you become your past. You become identified. What is happening on the screen somehow becomes your own life. You are no more a spectator - in those moments you become a participant, you fall en rapport. Violence has great attraction.

Sexuality has great attraction, because it is only in sexual moments that you can become one; otherwise you remain two, divided, and the anxiety and the anguish persist. Violence, sex, drugs, they all help you, at least for the time being, temporarily, to fall back, to become all animal. But this cannot become a permanent state of affairs.

One fundamental law has to be understood: nothing can go backwards. At the most you can pretend, at the most you can deceive, but nothing can go backwards because time does not move backwards. Time always goes ahead. You cannot reduce a young man to a child, and you cannot reduce an old man to a young man - it is impossible. The tree cannot be reduced back to the original seed - it is impossible.

Evolution goes on and on and there is no way to prevent it or to force it backwards. Hence all efforts of men to become animals and find peace are doomed to fail. You can be drunk through alcohol or through other drugs - marijuana, LSD - you can be completely drowned. For the moment all the worries disappear, for the moment you are no more part of a problematic existence, for the moment you move in a totally different dimension - but for the moment only.

Tomorrow morning you will be back, and when you are back the world is going to be more ugly than it ever was before, and life is going to be more of a problem than it ever was before. Because while you were intoxicated, unconscious, asleep in the drug, the problems were growing. The problems were becoming more and more complicated. While you were thinking that you had gone beyond the problems, the problems were taking root more in your being, in your unconscious.

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