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Chapter 29: Something of the Wild

But sex has not given anything to her. And she has been kept unaware.because man must have become aware very early, when there was no marriage and when men and women were as free as birds, man must have become aware - and the ancientmost women also - that she has a capacity for multiple orgasm. It is a very dangerous signal to the husband to trigger her orgasmic energies. The husband cannot satisfy her - no husband can satisfy a woman. It seems to be a disparity, a fault of nature, that she can have multiple orgasms and man can have only one orgasm.

So man has tried to avoid even the knowledge that the woman can have orgasm. That’s why in the East it is still the case, particularly in the interior parts of the country. Leave aside the modern cities, where a few women may have found out through their education, may have heard the names of Masters and Johnson, who have discovered women’s capacity for multiple orgasm.

But in the West it became a problem, because the discovery of multiple orgasm and the centuries-old deception by man of woman was a simultaneous growth. At the same time the women’s liberation movement was coming up, and women were trying to find out all the wrongs that had been done to them by men. They suddenly got hold of this new phenomenon, this research, and the most fanatic women’s liberation women have become lesbians; because only a woman can help another woman to have multiple orgasm - because it is not concerned with the vagina at all.

Men’s and women’s bodies are very similar, except that the man has only marks of the breasts and the woman has actual breasts; but the man has the marks on his physiology. The clitoris is just a mark of the man’s penis; it is just a small growth, but it is outside the vagina. Children are born out of the vagina, and man need not touch the clitoris - and without playing with the clitoris the woman cannot have an orgasm; so it was very simple to avoid it.

The Eastern woman looks more contented because she is not aware of what she is missing.

She is more graceful because she has not even started thinking of any liberation.

The East, as a whole, has lived under the conditioning of contentment - man and woman both - in poverty, in slavery, in sickness, in death.

The idea of revolution was impossible in the Eastern mind because the conditioning was so strong, and so many centuries old, that whatever you are is the by-product of your own actions in past lives. It has nothing to do with the social structure, it has nothing to do with education, it has nothing to do with the division of classes in society, it has nothing to do with men’s enslavement of women. The conditioning is so old that one is born with it, and the atmosphere all around is supportive of the conditioning.

All the religions of the East preach that the woman is born a woman because of her past actions; man is a higher being and the woman is a lower being. This has been accepted. If you are poor, it is not because of exploitation by the rich; you are poor because of your wrong actions in the past.

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