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Chapter 7: Thirsty

The mind clings to the past because the mind is the past. But your being wants to go beyond the past. Your being wants to explore. Your being has an intrinsic discontent; I call it divine discontent. Whatsoever you have, you are finished with it; whatsoever you are, you are finished with it; you want to have that which you don’t have, and you want to be that which you are not. Man gropes in the dark for richer being, for more being, for new being.

It is not right to say that man is born one day and dies another. It is true about other animals, but not true about man. Animals are born one day - they have a birthday - and then one day they die. Man is constantly dying and constantly being born. Each moment is a death and a birth. In man death and birth are not opposites, but like two wings of a bird, complementary, helping each other. The death simply helps the birth to happen. The death goes on cleansing the ground so the past can cease and the future can be. Death is in the service of birth. In fact, to call them two is not right. It is one process looked at from two different angles.

It is like a gate: from one side it is entrance, from the other side it is exit. Or, it is like breathing: the same breath going inwards is called inhalation, and the same breath going outwards is called exhalation. It is the same breath.

Death is exhalation, birth is inhalation. Birth is entrance, death is exit. But it is the same life energy, the same wave. Man has to die each moment and has to be ready to be reborn again and again and again. Between this constant death and birth is life. Between these two is the gap which is life. Between the past and the future is life - in that small interval called “present.” It has no duration, it is there without any duration. The past has duration, length; the future has duration, length; the present has no duration. It is simply there.atomic it is. Between the past, the long past, and the long future, exists a gap. Only those who go on constantly dying and constantly getting reborn know that gap, because they pass again and again through that gap. Each time you are ready to pass through that gap, you will find a crisis.

The crisis is that the mind wants to cling to the known and the familiar, naturally. The mind is efficient with it. Somehow it has learned it, learning has been arduous. And now suddenly you move. All that learning is lost, it will never again be relevant. In no other situation will it have any meaning. It can only have meaning with the situation in which you have lived. “Cling to it,” the mind says.

But the being cannot be contained by the mind. The being is infinite, and the mind is a very very small hole. The being is like the sky - it cannot be contained in it. The mind is too narrow. The being wants to get out of it, the being wants to grow and become wider and wider. The being wants to go to the farthest corner of existence. The being is an adventure. The being wants to risk - this is the crisis.

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