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Chapter 6: Beginning a New Path

Mahavira himself was a warrior, and all the twenty-four tirthankaras of the Jainas were warriors. Then what misfortune happened? What happened that all of the followers became businessmen? They became businessmen with Mahavira because they only came to be with Mahavira when the tradition was glorious, had a legendary past, had already become a myth and was respectable to be with.

Dead people come only when something becomes dead; alive people come only when something is alive. Younger people will be coming to me more. Even if somebody old comes to me, he is bound to be younger in the heart. And old people look for prestige, respect; they will go to dead churches and temples where there is nothing except emptiness and a past. What is the past? - an emptiness. Anything alive is herenow, anything alive has a future, because future grows out of it. The moment you start looking at the past there can be no growth.

You say: “Do you receive instructions from any master of masters?” No! But I receive help, which is more beautiful. And I have been a loner, a vagabond with no home, passing, learning, moving, never staying anywhere. So I have nobody to look up to. If I had to find something, I had to find it myself. Much help was available, but I had to work it out. And in a way that is going to be a great help, because then I don’t depend on any code. I watch the disciple. There is nobody as a master to me to look to. I have to look at the disciple more deeply to find the clue which will help him. I have to look into you. That’s why my teaching, my methods, differ with each disciple. I have no universal formula, I cannot have; no fixed rules - I have to respond. I do not have a readymade discipline. Rather, it is a growing phenomenon; every disciple adds to it. When I start working with a new disciple I have to look into him, seek, find what will help him, how he can grow. And each time, with each disciple, a new code is born.

You are going to be really in a mess when I am gone - because there will be so many stories, from each disciple, and you will not be able to make any end, any head or tail of it - because I am talking to each individual as an individual. The system is growing through him, it is growing in many, many directions. It is a vast tree, with many branches, many sub-branches, going in all directions.

I don’t receive any instructions from the masters, I receive instructions from you. When I look into you, in your unconscious, in your depth, I receive instructions from there and I work it out for you. It is always a new response.

The second question:

Why do masters need directions from a master of masters? Are they not enough in themselves when they have reached enlightenment? Or are there stages of enlightenment too?

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