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Chapter 10: The Greatest Art of Being Silent

What we are doing here is not trying to make you more knowledgeable. We are trying to make you more innocent, utterly not knowing anything. When it happens to you spontaneously, from your heart, that you know nothing, all the doors of existence suddenly start opening for you - not that you will become knowledgeable, but you will become mysterious.

That’s why I call this path the path of the mystic. The mystic is not a learned man, the mystic is an innocent man, who can dance in the rain, who can love beautiful rainbows, who can fall in tune with the universe, whose life becomes a constant rejoicing.

So whatever is happening to you is perfectly right. Rejoice and be grateful to existence.

If Zen is the path and you are the gate, then who lives in the house?

Zen is the path and I am the gate and you live in the house. You have completely forgotten - that’s what makes the possibility of making a path, to remind you. The path is only a reminder. You have completely forgotten that you are in the house. You think you are out of the house; hence a gate is needed to bring you in.

I have told you the beautiful story of Chuang Tzu.. One early morning he is sitting in his bed, covered with his blanket, very sad. His disciples have never seen him looking sad. They are worried - is he sick, ill or something? They inquire.

Chuang Tzu said, “It is much more difficult than you think. Last night I dreamt that I had become a butterfly.” The students, the disciples started laughing. They said, “That is not much of a problem. Everybody thinks many things in his dreams.”

Chuang Tzu said, “I don’t know about everybody, I know only this much: it has created in me a very existential question. If Chuang Tzu can dream that he has become a butterfly, why can a butterfly not go to sleep and dream that she has become a Chuang Tzu? Now the problem is whether I am the butterfly who is dreaming she is Chuang Tzu or I am really Chuang Tzu.”

The disciples were at a loss how to figure out the problem. And then came Lieh Tzu, who had gone to another village for some work. He heard the situation: “Chuang Tzu is still sitting in his bed. He does not want to get up until the problem is solved. And we are all trying to solve it but there seems to be no solution. It seems to be perfectly right, that if Chuang Tzu can dream he is a butterfly then why can the butterfly not dream she is Chuang Tzu? Now we are also puzzled.”

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