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Chapter 1: Remember, Remember!

“East, west, foot up, foot down, using it directly - only then will you know that the peak experience illumines the heavens and covers the earth, illumines the past and flashes through the present. This is your own place to settle and live.”

Following your own path, not imitating anybody, you are bound to reach the space where you will feel you have arrived at the home, where you can settle for eternity.

“When I say this I am only using water to offer flowers, never adding anything extra.”

He is perfectly aware that people may start following him. Such is the stupidity of humanity. To the man who is saying, “Never follow anybody,” they say, “Okay.” But their okay means, “Now we are going to follow you.” When the person is saying, “Never follow anybody,” he is included in that “anybody.” Then why is he speaking, what is he doing? He says:

“I am only using water to offer flowers, never adding anything extra.”

I am saying the very essential, not adding anything extra, just like watering flowers.

Such a simple thing.following yourself is such a simple thing. The flowers will start blossoming, you just go on watering them, nourishing them with your attention, with your love, with your silence, with your celebration, with your laughter. Just don’t add anything extra from other sources, from scriptures, from great teachers, from buddhas. Nobody is to be included on your path. Your path has to be absolutely pure and virgin.

On another occasion Daio said to a Zen nun, “At the top of the hundred-foot pole, go forward.”

It will look a very absurd statement.

“At the top of the hundred-foot pole, go forward.”

You will think that man is mad. There is no way to go anywhere, you will cling to the pole. But going inside is just like this, as if you are standing on a hundred-foot-long pole. And when you go in there is no road, just pure inner sky. It is a jump into the unknown, but a jump of tremendous beauty.

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