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Chapter 7: Zorba Is My Past: Buddha Is My Present

Now women are smoking cigarettes like men, dressing like men, using four-letter words like men: great progress! Some day they will start pissing like a man! That will be the ultimate freedom of women. But all this is idiotic.

When I say women’s liberation, I have my own meaning. I mean the woman has to remain a woman, has to keep her distinctions clear, her distances clear, because the more distinct the woman is from man, the more attractive they are to each other.

The polarities should be as far away as possible; then there is greater tension and greater attraction. If they become similar they will lose attraction. Human society will become flat. There will be no romance, there will be no poetry, there will be nothing adventurous in human relationship.

Equality is one thing; similarity is totally different. Do not make them mean the same: don’t try to be similar to man. Equal opportunity is there for your growth - but that means you are going to remain unique and dissimilar. You are not a man, and you need not be a man, because man has nothing special.

You both are unique, and both are complementary.

And as far as spiritual growth is concerned, Gautam Buddha’s fear was not the woman, but sexual repression. His monks were all sexually repressed, and the fear was that if women were initiated then the monks and the women would be so close that there was fear that the monks would lose their celibacy.

If celibacy remains something spiritual, then man and woman cannot be together on the spiritual path. But celibacy is unnatural and absolutely leads to perversions. Man and woman should be together, should be in deep love, should help each other to grow. Their help will be a great nourishment.

That’s my experiment. All old experiments have failed, and I can see why they have failed: they denied half of humanity. This experiment cannot fail, because we are not denying anybody, we are not denying anything, we are not repressing anything.

We are trying to create an orchestra of all the instruments, creating an organic unity of all the instincts - bodily, mental, spiritual; of man, of woman - and making it an absolutely natural phenomenon.

Are you mocking the West in the same way you mocked the traditional gurus in India?

I will mock the traditional gurus everywhere, because I am against the traditional mind.

The traditional mind is the greatest block to progress - and the traditional gurus are the guards of the traditional mind; they protect it.

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