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Chapter 16: Rising in Love: A Partnership in Meditation

If you are silent, if you are creative, if you are loving, if you are sensitive to beauty, if you are grateful to this vast universe. There are millions of stars, which are dead - and you are so small - yet you have the most precious thing in existence: life. And not only life, but the possibility of becoming a consciousness, of becoming enlightened, of coming to a space where death has never entered.

If Bokuju is not serious, the reason is because he knows there is no death, it is only changing houses, or at the most changing clothes. It is excitement - even death is a great excitement and ecstasy.

It is just your wrong approach. Drop it, and don’t drop it slowly, slowly, piece by piece. Drop it totally, instantly. When you go out of this place, go dancing and singing. Let the whole world think you are insane, that is far better.

In 1980 you gave me sannyas. I was not even looking for a master. Since then I have experienced the joy and fun of being one of your disciples.
But now I start feeling the pain: you are so vast - where is the way? Is there a way? Just to be true is so difficult.
And is that all?

You have asked three questions in one question First, you found me although you were not looking for a master. Let me make it clear to you that I was looking for a disciple, and that is far more important.

Your looking for a master is not so important because you are asleep and dreaming. So whenever I see some sleepwalker passing by, and see some possibility that he can be awakened, I just turn his way - and he is a sleepwalker so there is no problem. It does not matter where he is going. I give him sannyas, he takes sannyas - because in sleep it does not matter. I create a beautiful dream for him. I am not a hard taskmaster. First I create a beautiful dream, and then slowly, slowly I take you out of it. Now you are out of the dream, so the second problem arises: where is the path? In fact, it is my doing. While you were asleep I was talking about the path.”the path.the mystic path.” to wake you up. Now you are awake so you are asking, “Where is the path?”

There is no path. It was just a device to wake you up. You have not to go anywhere. You are exactly at the place where you have to reach. You are exactly that which you have to become. There is no path; there is no goal.

Your isness is your realization.

And thirdly: waking up, you see me vast like an ocean. While you were asleep, you were not aware of where I was leading you. Now you are fully awake, and you see the vast ocean. It is not me. It is the reality - and it is your reality. And the ocean that you see outside you will remain outside till your dewdrop disappears into it. And the dewdrop is slipping from the lotus leaf. Any moment it will be part of the ocean and you will know that no man is an island; we all belong to one reality, one consciousness, one continent. It is only in our sleep that we are separate. The moment we are awake we are one.