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Chapter 2: Your True, Authentic, Original Face

This is the ultimate goal of existence for all living beings - particularly for human beings, because they are the highest evolved.

Before Nivedano calls you back, persuade the buddha. It is not someone else, it is your very being.



Come back.

But now come back as the buddha, filled with joy, blissfulness, grace, a deep silence.

Sit for a few moments just to remember the path, the golden path that you have traveled. And just rejoice in the fact that you have been able to melt and merge, that you have been able to encounter your authentic self, the buddha.

And remember to share your fire, to share your gold with all and sundry, friend and enemy, the acquaintance and the stranger. The whole humanity is ours - they may not know, but we know. They may struggle against us, but we can only feel compassion for them.

Remember, one seed can make the whole earth green.