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Chapter 13: The Seeking Becomes the Path


I’m also very honored to be here. I’ve been to India many times, but this time I’ve come to try to get back onto a right pathway, to have a spiritual tour of India as opposed to another type of knowledge. I’ve lost my path in England, and I hope that I’ll find it here again.

You will, you will find it. Good. Just the very search is very, very beautiful - whether one finds or not, that is secondary. One is seeking, and that is the significant thing because finally it is your very seeking that becomes the path.

There exists no path apart from your seeking. The very intensity of your search becomes your path. In fact the very idea of a path is fallacious. It gives you the idea that the path already exists there somewhere for you to follow, and you just have to walk on it. That is not true(.

There isn’t one set path? But when you go wrong, do you come back to a central highway or not?

No. No, really there is no ready-made path. As you walk you create your path, and each individual passes along his own path. There is no public path, no super-highways. There are no central highways.

When you go wrong, that simply means that you become unconscious. When you become aware, you are right. Awareness is right, and unawareness is wrong. Whenever in your life you become a little sleepy, clouded, and the clarity is lost; whenever you don’t know what you are doing or why, and why you are existing in the first place - then you have gone wrong, that’s all.

If you regain your clarity and your vision and you can again see through and through, you have regained the path. In fact, it is not a question of anything outside you. It is something inside you, an inner focusing of energy. The very search is enough.

There is a saying of Jesus: “Ask and it shall be given, knock and the doors will be opened unto you, seek and you will find.” In fact, the doors are not closed. They are already open, only you have not knocked. The answer is already there, only you have not asked. And that which you are seeking is already present in you, only you have not looked.

So an intense search, a sincere search, becomes the path. And unless you come to know this you will again and again lose your path, because that path that you think you have found is not the real path. A real path cannot be lost. That which can be found and lost was not found in the first place.

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