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Chapter 12: Be Total

It must have been very, very difficult - almost impossible. But when you do the impossible you are transformed. Dying, he would not allow the mind to interfere. Death was there, but he accepted death rather than his own mind and judgment.

He was never the same man again; nobody ever met the old man again. Then the others realized that they had missed a great opportunity. The three who had jumped out of the river, out of the canal missed a great opportunity.

This is total surrender. It is not a question of whether it is appealing to your mind or not, whether your mind says yes or not. When you surrender you have surrendered all possibility of saying no. Whatsoever the situation, you will not say no. The total yes means surrender. Difficult! That’s why transformation is difficult. Not easy - that’s why spiritual birth is not easy.

But I don’t say that you cannot reach alone. You can reach alone and you can reach with a master; you can reach in a group, you can reach as an individual. All the possibilities are open. I am neither for this nor for that. It is for you to decide, and to decide without any deception.

Remember, it is not a question of East and West. The mind is the same deep down; all the differences are superficial. Eastern and Western - these are just surfaces - cultural, racial impressions, but they are on the surface. Deep down the human mind is the same. From where you come is irrelevant.

Surrender or remain absolutely alone, but both paths can be traveled only by persons who are total. Alone, Buddha reached enlightenment; following Buddha, many reached the same enlightenment.

I am not partisan. I don’t say, as Krishnamurti says: “This is the only way.” I don’t say, as Meher Baba says: “This is the only way.” I know well why they say this is the only way - to help you, because once you become aware that another can also be the way confusion arises in you. Then you start swaying - sometimes you think this, sometimes you think that. That’s why masters have been saying: “This is the only way” - just to make your mind unconfused. Otherwise the opposite will also attract you and you will go on changing your standpoint. To make you total, masters go on emphasizing.

But I say both are ways. Why? - because that emphasis has become old, and you have heard it too much that this is the only way. It has become a dead cliché. It doesn’t help now. It used to help in the past; it cannot help now, because the world has become so much one. The earth has become just a global village, and every religion is known to every other religion and all the paths have become known. Now humanity is acquainted with all the paths - all the paths, all the possibilities, all the alternatives.

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