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Chapter 2: Master and Disciple

That’s why people are so afraid of love - because it is a happening, you cannot manipulate it, you cannot be in control. That’s why people say that love is blind. In fact, just the opposite is the case - love is the only clarity of vision. Love is the only eye, but people say that love is blind because they cannot do anything about it. It takes possession and they are no longer in control, they are thrown off-center. They say it is blind because reason is not there - it is irrational. It is like a madness; it is like a high fever; it is something that has happened to you, like a disease. It appears to be so, because you are no longer in control - life has taken over. Truth is of the quality of love. That’s why Jesus goes on saying, “Love is God,” or “God is love,” because the quality is of the same source. Truth also happens like love, you don’t do anything about it. You don’t even knock on the door.

You breathe in, you breathe out; that is what life is. How do you do it? Are you the doer? Then hold your breath in, for a few seconds, and you will come to know that you are not the doer. You cannot hold it for long. Within seconds the breath will force itself out. Hold it out: within seconds you will find you cannot do anything - the breath is forcing itself in. In fact, the grass grows by itself, just like breathing. It grows of its own accord; you are not the doer.

But the ego avoids looking at such facts. The ego looks only at things which you can do. It chooses, accumulates things which can be done, and it avoids, throws into the unconscious, those things which happen. The ego is very choosy. It doesn’t look at life in its totality.

Truth is a happening, the final happening, the ultimate happening, in which you dissolve into the whole and the whole dissolves into you. In the words of Tilopa, it is mahamudra, the ultimate orgasm that happens between one unit of consciousness and total consciousness, the total ocean of consciousness - between the drop and the ocean. It is the total orgasm, in which both are lost into each other and the identities dissolve.

The same happens between a master and a disciple. The master is of the quality of the ocean and the disciple is still a drop - the finite meeting the infinite. Much patience is needed, infinite patience is needed. Hurry won’t help.

Now, try to understand this beautiful Zen parable. Each word has to be allowed to reach your deepest core of being, because this is what you are here for. If you can understand this story, it will be easier for you to be closer and closer to me.

Every time Lieh Tzu was not busy,
Yin Sheng took the opportunity to beg for secrets.

Lieh Tzu was one of the masters of the school of Lao Tzu, one of the enlightened disciples of Lao Tzu. And Lieh Tzu was not an ordinary master, not concerned with your small problems, your actions, not concerned with small teachings. Lieh Tzu was concerned only with the ultimate. He had many disciples.

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