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Chapter 8: Putting Shoes on a Snake

All effort to improve upon people is just like that, but it is a natural corollary: if you are trying to improve yourself, you will try to improve others. Your own disease goes on overflowing onto others. Once you stop improving upon yourself, once you accept yourself as you are unconditionally, with no grudge, with no complaint; once you start loving yourself as you are, all interference disappears.

The third thing: Accepting what is now, can one by profession be a psychotherapist? He will be a therapist but in a totally different sense - not in the Freudian sense, he will be in the real sense a therapist. And what is the real sense of “therapist”? He will allow freedom; he will simply be a presence, a light, a joy. He is not going to change the patient, though the patient will be changed. He will not make any effort to make him well. He will not make any effort to make him normal. He will not make any effort to help him to be adjusted to this neurotic society. He will not try to do anything. He will simply be a presence, a catalytic agent. He will love. He will share his energy with the patient, he will shower his energy on the patient. And remember, love is real therapy; everything else is secondary.

In fact, there are so many psychiatric patients in the world because they have not been loved, nobody has loved them - that’s why they have gone berserk. They have lost contact with their center, because it is only in love that one becomes centered. Their illness is not the real problem; the real problem is that deep down they have never been loved, that they have never known the milieu of love. So a Taoist therapist will simply give his love, his understanding, his vision. He will share his energy and he will not in any way interfere.

And the healing is going to happen. Healing will happen, not by any effort of the therapist but by his no-effort, by his inactivity, by his tremendous passivity. Have you watched it happen? Sometimes you are ill and you call the doctor, and the doctor comes; and suddenly just his entering the room and you are no longer as-ill as you were before. He has not given you any medicine, just his presence, his care, his love. He just puts his hand on your head, takes your pulse, and suddenly you feel a change is happening. And he has not done anything, no medicine has been given, he has not even diagnosed. Even before diagnosis, if the doctor is a loving person, fifty per cent of the illness has disappeared. And for the remaining fifty per cent, he has to do something because he also does not know that man cannot heal anybody. It is always God who heals. Man can only become a passage for the healing energy - that’s why healing works. Just three, four persons - loving persons - sit around the patient holding hands, singing a song, chanting, and suddenly the parent feels a tremendous upsurge, a transformation, happening. What is happening? These four persons, in love, have become vehicles of God, for Tao.

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