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Chapter 4: The Taste of Peace

“Now everything I am going to do is going to be after my mother’s death! What do you want me to do? Should I also die with my mother because now there is no point in living any longer; will I be a criminal if I live? If I laugh, somebody will say, ‘What? You are laughing, and your mother is dead?’ And the time factor.can you tell me what is the demarcation line? Ten hours, twelve hours, ten days, twelve days, ten years, twelve years? And what is the criterion to decide that now it is all right to dance and drink - now let my mother be dead.

“I thought that if I am to love, I have to accept the fact that my mother is dead; and then there is no point in wasting time. Moreover I had purchased those two tickets already. Wasting those two tickets over a dead person, I don’t think is sane.”

The magistrate said, “Drop all these things. You just tell me exactly why you killed that man on the sea beach. You had never known him, he had never done any harm to you. You were not even aware whom you were killing.”

The man said, “It is very simple. My life was going very flat. I used to think, ‘Once my mother is gone there will be peace.’ But once she had gone everything became flat. I would come home drunk in the middle of the night and nobody was there to nag me and instruct me as to what time to come home, what to do and what not to do. Life became flat, and I wanted some excitement. And I got it. Does it matter whom I killed?”

He said, “When I pushed the dagger into the man’s back, and a fountain of blood came out, for the first time in years I was excited: what was happening? Something new! I have never seen a fountain coming out of a man’s back. Red blood! Yes, I do not know who the man was, I have no enmity with him. I have not killed him for any reason except for my own excitement. And I got it, and since then life has been very exciting.

“I escaped, and the police chased me; finally I was caught, then I was jailed. Things started moving! And now I am standing in the court listening to all these idiots who are my neighbors. And it gives me great joy to contradict what they are saying. And you are sitting there looking so silly, and these people are saying, ‘Your Honor.’

“It is hilarious, I have never enjoyed life so much! And I am already tremendously excited waiting for the judgment, to see whether I am released, whether I am sent to a mental hospital, or I am sentenced to death, or twenty years’ imprisonment. There are so many alternatives in my mind.”

This man is you.

People are doing all kinds of things just to feel excited. And when the whole world becomes dull, starts feeling stale, flat, some politician comes as a savior to you, an Adolf Hitler. Many people in the world are waiting for another Adolf Hitler - life is becoming flat. That man made the five years from 1940 to 1945 tremendously exciting. I don’t think there has ever been such a long period so full of excitement for the whole world. Adolf Hitler should be given as many Nobel Prizes as possible for making the whole world alive, thriving, their hearts beating faster. They are still waiting.

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