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Chapter 14: The Biggest Lies in the Loudest Voice

First, the worst tyrants talk most about peace and freedom. They have to, just to create a facade around them, so that you cannot see their reality in the smoke of their talk of peace and freedom. They have to make much fuss around themselves just to hide behind it. And the biggest lies come in the loudest voice from the politicians.

One of my vice-chancellors was one of the greatest legal experts of his times. He had three offices: one in London, one in New Delhi and one in Peking. He was continually running from China to India, from India to England.and he was fighting the greatest cases. I was not his student, but even though he was a vice-chancellor, he loved law so much that he used to teach law in the university, and I used to go to his class. I had a certain friendship with him that arose by accident.

I used to go for an early morning walk at three o’clock in the morning, and by chance he was also a lover of going at three o’clock. We met every day on a lonely place by the side of a lake. I have never seen such a beautiful lake with so many lotus flowers; it was almost covered with flowers. And just by the side there was a huge forest and mountain, and a small path going around the lake.

We were the only two persons every day, so naturally we started talking to each other, we became friendly. He told me that he would be very happy if I sometimes turned up to his class, although I was not a student of law. I said, “What will be the point?”

He said, “At least you will be a challenge to me. I have lived my whole life challenging the greatest legal experts all around the world, and I feel sorry.why have you joined the philosophy department? You should have been in the department of law, because your logic is so sharp and so clear.”

So I started going to his class, and I started arguing with him. I had no idea about law - but logic I understand, and law is simply a by-product of logic, just logic applied. But if you understand logic in its purity, you can understand law without any difficulty.

One day it was the final day before the examinations and he was saying in the class to his students, “My last advice to you: if you have facts in your hands and you also have the support of the law, be calm and quiet. Lay out your facts, lay out your laws. There is no need for you to be excited, angry or in a fighting mood; that will spoil the whole thing. Just be utterly silent. Evidence and law is enough.

“But if you don’t have any evidence for your case and you have only the law, then bring all the law books in your car to the court and make as much fuss as possible about laws, ancient precedents, ancient decisions by other courts. Create a jungle of laws. Because you don’t have any evidence for your case, it all depends how much you can enforce on the mind of the judge that your position is logical and legal.

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