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Chapter 4: A Different Wavelength

Perhaps for the first time there can be an authentic civilization which loves peace, which is compassionate, which is creative, which drops all discriminations of nations, religions, races, and makes this whole globe one family.

Once there are no discriminations of religions, races, nations, war becomes impossible.

We have to avoid the suicide that is oncoming and we have to change the whole structure of the world so that war itself becomes impossible. All our efforts, all our energies.seventy-five percent of human energy is pouring into creating war material. We are living only on twenty-five percent of our energy. If that seventy-five percent is also released for living, there will be no poverty, there will be no sickness. Life can be prolonged. People can live young until their last breath; they need not become old.

All this is possible, and for this, there is enough time. But you have to understand perfectly well: anything on your part as a protest is not going to help. You will be simply crushed, ignored.. Pacifists have existed for centuries; they have not been able to avoid any war.

In fact I have seen so many processions of protest and I have always wondered.the people who were protesting were all violent: their slogans were violent, their gestures were violent. If they had power in their hands, they would start killing those people whom they think are warmongers. They are doing the same thing, they are not peaceful people; they may be pacifist in ideology, but they don’t know what peace is.

I want my people to know the peace, to know the silence, to know the beauty of their inner being, the blissfulness and love and light, and spread it. And spreading it is not going to be a missionary thing - you are not to convert anybody. Just your very presence, just your loving eyes, your peaceful existence - the charisma that arises with enlightenment, a certain different wavelength that the enlightened man starts radiating around him, changes people’s hearts without their knowing.

It is not a question of convincing them intellectually; for that, time is certainly very short. We have not been convinced for centuries, intellectually, although great efforts have been made that there should be no war, there should be no government, there should be no nations. Great intellectuals have been trying - like Bakunin, Bokharin, Leo Tolstoy, Bertrand Russell - but it has not created any visible effect anywhere.

My understanding is that these people themselves were not peaceful people. They have not known anything of the eternal joy of their own interiority, the dance of their own being. They have not tasted from the springs of nectar that are at their very center. Once you have tasted your own immortality, you start spreading an invisible fire.no intellectual argument, but people will be immensely touched by your very presence, by your aroma, by your fragrance, by your love.

We need in the world more love to balance war.

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