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Chapter 7: The Mystery of Relationship

The master said: “because I never tremble, because there is no fear. My body has become old but I am still young, and I will remain young even when the body is gone.”

Then he took a bite, started munching the cake. And then somebody asked: “What is your last message, master? You will be leaving us soon. What do you want us to remember?”

The master smiled and said: “Ah, this cake is delicious.”

This is a man who lives in the here and now: “This cake is delicious.” Even death is irrelevant. The next moment is meaningless. This moment, this cake is delicious.

If you can be in this moment, this present moment, this presentness, this plenitude, then only can you love. Love is a rare flowering. It happens only sometimes. Millions and millions of people live with the false attitude that they are lovers. They believe that they love, but that is only their belief.

Love is a rare flowering. Sometimes it happens. It is rare because it can happen only when there is no fear, never before. That means love can happen only to a very deeply spiritual, religious person. Sex is possible for all, acquaintance is possible for all - not love.

When you are not afraid then there is nothing to hide; then you can be open, then you can withdraw all boundaries, and then you can invite the other to penetrate you to the very core. And remember, if you allow somebody to penetrate you deeply, the other will allow you to penetrate into himself or herself, because when you allow somebody to penetrate you trust is created. When you are not afraid the other becomes fearless.

In your love, fear is always there. The husband is afraid of the wife, the wife is afraid of the husband. Lovers are always afraid. Then it is not love, then it is just an arrangement of two fearful persons depending on each other - fighting, exploiting, manipulating, controlling, dominating, possessing - but it is not love.

If you can allow love to happen there is no need for prayer, there is no need for meditation, there is no need for any church, any temple. You can completely forget God if you can love, because through love everything will have happened to you: meditation, prayer, God, everything will have happened to you. That’s what Jesus means when he says: “Love is God.”

But love is difficult. Fear has to be dropped. And this is the strange thing, that you are so afraid and you have nothing to lose.

Kabir has said somewhere: “I look into people. They are so afraid, but I can’t see why - because they have nothing to lose.” Says Kabir: “They are like a person who is naked but never goes to take a bath in the river because he is afraid - where will he dry his clothes?” This is the situation you are in - naked, with no clothes, but always afraid about the clothes.

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