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Chapter 11: Words Don't Answer; Only Silence Does

“If a cloud does not hang over the mountain,
the moonlight will penetrate the waves of the lake.”

The beauty is: the same answer was given by Suigan, but it was not right and now it is right. It does not matter what is said, but from what source, from what understanding, from what silence.

Suigan was simply repeating like a puppet. That answer is written in so many sutras; it was not his own. That’s why the master was angry, angry out of compassion, angry because

“You are getting old!”

“How you are going to manage not to be born again? Time is so short and you are still a parrot.”

All pundits, all roshis, all professors, all rabbis, all popes are just parrots. And they do such immense harm to humanity that it is incalculable.

Just a few days ago the shankaracharya of Puri - I’m an old, intimate enemy of his - asked the Indian government that the ancient sati pratha should be legalized. For centuries Hinduism has been forcing women: if their husbands die, they have to jump into their funeral pyre, alive, to be burned and die.

This is called sati. The word sati comes from sat, “the truth.” Calling a woman sati because she has jumped onto the funeral pyre of her husband is saying in other words that she has attained the truth. If this is true, then why not a single man in the whole history has jumped onto the funeral pyre of his wife? Such an easy way to become one with truth!

At least the shankaracharya of Puri should commit sati. That would make his name history, a single man in the whole history. And he is such an idiot, he can do it. But it is good that he should do it; otherwise, he has no right to ask the government.

Hindus have been torturing women for centuries. If somebody, out of love, jumps into the funeral pyre - whether it is man or woman, it does not matter - if it has to come out of love, then I have tremendous respect for it. But it was not coming out of love, it was being forced.

If a woman did not commit suicide, she had to live her whole life without getting married again. The rule does not apply to men. Once their wife dies, immediately they start thinking and looking around whom to get hold of, to possess. The women who jumped were forced to jump - and the way it used to happen! The woman was dragged, great drums were beaten so nobody could hear her crying; a lot of ghee - purified butter - was poured on the funeral pyre, creating so much smoke nobody could see what was happening to the poor woman.

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