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Chapter 8: The Unwavering Mind

That is the meaning of concentration, and all the religions of the world have used it in this way or that. Their methods may look different but the essential is this: that the mind has to be trained to retain one thing for longer periods. What will happen? Once you get this capacity nothing is to be done. You can penetrate, anything becomes transparent. The very look, and in that look your energy moving, goes deep.

There are two ways for the mind. One is linear, from one thought to another - a, b, c, d - the mind moves in a line. Mind has energy. When it moves from a to b it dissipates energy, when it moves from b to c again energy is dissipated, when it moves from c to d energy has been dissipated. If you retain only a in the mind and don’t allow it to move to b, c, d and so forth and so on, what will happen? The energy that was going to be dissipated in movement will go on hammering on the fact a, and then a new process will start - you will move deeper in the a. Not moving from a to b, but moving from a1 to a2, a3, a4. Now the energy is moving directly, intensely, in one fact. Your eyes will become penetrating.

One sannyasin came to me just yesterday. She is working well, doing well, but just after a meditation I looked deeply into her eyes when she was standing here, and she started trembling and weeping and crying. Then she came to me, crying and weeping, and said, “Why did you look at me so penetratingly? Can’t you look at me a little sweetly?” She said, “I became afraid, and I thought that I must be doing something wrong, that’s why you were looking so penetratingly.”

We have become completely unacquainted with the penetrating eye. We know only superficial, moving eyes from a to b, from b to c - just touching and moving, touching and moving. If somebody looks at you, stares at you deeply, and he is not moving from a to b, b to c, you will become scared - but that is the real look. And you will become scared because his eyes are going deep within you; he is not moving on the surface, he is moving deep, in the depth. You will become scared because you have become unacquainted with it.

Fixation of the mind will give you a penetrating eye. That eye has been known in the occult world as the third eye. When you start moving on a point, not in a line, you gain a force, and that force works. All over the world mesmerists, hypnotists, and other workers in the psychic field have been aware of it for centuries. You can try it. Somebody, a stranger, is walking on the road. You just go behind him and look at the back of his neck. Stare. Immediately he will look back towards you, the energy hits there immediately if you stare.

There is a center at the back of the neck which is very sensitive. Just stare at the center and the person is bound to look back because he will become uneasy, something is entering there. Your eyes are not simply windows to look through, they are energy centers. You are not only absorbing impressions through the eyes, you are throwing energy - but you are not aware. You are not aware because your energy is being dissipated in movement, is waving, wavering from one to two, two to three, three to four - you go on, and every gap takes your energy.

He fixes his mind unwaveringly..

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