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Chapter 2: Don’t Sow Wrong Seeds

You cannot create a perfect society for the simple reason.just take a few examples: there are poor people, there are rich people. Naturally, in a perfect society nobody should be poor, nobody should be rich, there should not be any division of classes. It will be a classless society. But it is impossible because it is against the very psychology of man. No two men are equal, and you are thinking of making the whole human society equal; it cannot happen. And it is not only a question of being rich and poor, the question is multidimensional.

One of the characters in an existentialist novel says, “I cannot be satisfied with one woman. I want all the women of the earth.”

Now how are you going to satisfy these people? And he is saying something which is hidden in every man and in every woman. How can you manage?

There are people who will not be satisfied unless they have great power over millions of people in their hands. These politicians cannot be satisfied without power. They are addicted to power, but if they have power then millions are reduced to slavery.

One Adolf Hitler - and millions of people are in danger. But you cannot prevent Adolf Hitlers from being born, and as long as they exist, wars will continue. As long as they exist there will be religions.

The question is not at all concerned with America, it is a question of forgiveness - and I am going to be persecuted from one land to another land. If you cannot forgive the people who will be persecuting me, then your whole emptiness will become just wounds and wounds and wounds.

So it is not a question of being kind to America. All the religions have told you, “Forgive the enemy.” Jesus on the cross asked God, “Father forgive these people, because they know not what they are doing.”

I am not saying that. My concern is not those people, because I know perfectly well that they know exactly what they are doing. But forgiveness has something to do with your inner health. I am concerned with you!

If you cannot forgive you will carry a wound.


Remove the wound.

Be healed.

Don’t sow wrong seeds.

Man can become a beautiful phenomenon. I cannot say that he can become perfect for the simple reason perfection smells of death. Whenever something is perfect there is no way to grow more. You have come to a full stop; now there is no future. Except death, nothing can happen to perfection. So I am not a perfectionist. I believe in open growth.

You will come closer and closer to perfection, but you will never be perfect.

Perfection is not the way of existence.

Growth is the way.

So perfection is always like the horizon. It looks maybe just a few miles away; you can reach it within hours, but by the time you have reached there, it has moved ahead. The distance between you and the horizon always remains the same.

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