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Chapter 2: Jesus Is Very Paradoxical

When you use any friction method, make it a point to win. It is not to be lost, the battle must be won. And once you win you achieve a different layer of energy. Now you can see that if you win, the energy that was in the other part is absorbed by you, so you become stronger. And then every fight will make you stronger, still stronger, until a moment comes when the whole energy of the body is absorbed by the self.

Gurdjieff used friction very deeply and in such unbelievably dangerous ways. When he was very old, just within a few years of his death, he made a very dangerous car accident happen. He did it, it was not really an accident. In the life of a person like Gurdjieff there is no accident. He is so aware that accidents are not possible. But he can allow an accident or he can even create one; and he did create one.

He was a fast driver and in his whole life there had never been a single accident. He was also a very dangerous driver; all those who sat with him would always be on edge: “Any moment.” He was absolutely mad, didn’t believe in any traffic rules or anything. He would go this way and that, and as fast as possible, and anything was possible at any moment; but it never happened.

One morning, when he went to Paris from his ashram in Fontainebleau, somebody asked, “When will you be back?”

He said, “If everything happens as I think it will happen, by the evening; otherwise, difficult to say.”

And in the evening when he was coming back there was an accident. The accident was so severe and dangerous that the doctors said that nobody could have survived: impossible! The whole car was in bits. But Gurdjieff was found. He had sixty fractures all over his body: he was almost dead. But he was found perfectly aware, lying under a tree, far away from the car. He had walked to the shade and was lying there perfectly aware. He was not unconscious. He was taken to hospital perfectly conscious. He said that no anesthesia should be given to him: he wanted to remain perfectly conscious.

This was the greatest friction he ever created with his body. The body was just on the verge of death; he had created the whole situation and he wanted to remain absolutely alert. He remained alert, and at that moment he attained the greatest centering that can happen to a man: he became centered in his consciousness. The earthly layer was completely separated. It became a vehicle: he could use it, but he was not identified with it.

This is the meaning of Jesus when he says:

.I have brought fire, sword, war, not as men possibly think that I have come to throw peace upon the world.

For there shall be five in a house: three shall be against two and two against three; the father against the son and the son against the father; and they will stand as solitaries.