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Chapter 9: The Phenomenon of Unconsciousness

A motor-car manufacturer designed a completely new “car of the future” and advertised for a motorist who would drive it for six months and give it a thorough testing.

The successful applicant sat in the driving seat of the car, and the designer sat next to him in the passenger’s seat.

“You’ll find this car to be completely different from anything that you have ever driven before” said the designer. “There is no engine, no battery, no gears, no accelerator, no brake. In fact, there’s nothing to go wrong at all. The only mechanism - if you can describe it as such - is a small black box no bigger than a match box, which is located under the driving-seat. It is, in fact, an electronic computer which reacts to the sound waves it receives from the driver’s voice. It has the added advantage that it can be set to receive code words of the driver’s own choice, thus making it impossible for anybody to steal the car. Now to make the car go, all you have to say is ‘Flippin’ ‘eck,’ because we have set it for that at the factory.”

So the driver said “Flippin’ ‘eck” and the car started to move forward. “How do I make it stop?” he asked. “By the same principle” answered the designer, “just say ‘Hocus-pocus.’” So the driver said “Hocus-pocus” and the car stopped. He tried it a dozen times and it never failed. “Flippin’ ‘eck,” and the car moved forward, “Hocus-pocus” and it stopped.

After driving the car round for several weeks, he took his girl-friend to the coast in it, and she was very impressed. As night was falling, she whispered to him in a romantic voice “Let’s stop on the edge of that cliff; there’s a lovely view.”

Nearing the cliff edge, the driver said “Hocus-pocus,” but nothing happened. “Hocus-pocus!” he shouted, but the car still moved forward toward the cliff edge and a sheer drop into the sea. “Hocus-pocus!” he screamed, and the car stopped about an inch from the edge of the cliff. Breathing a sigh of relief, the driver said “Flippin’ ‘eck!”

That’s how your mind functions - absolutely unconscious. Yes, it is perfectly capable of doing the ordinary things of life, it is perfectly good for the market-place, for the day-today life. But if you want to grow, if you want to go deeper into being, into existence, if you want to fly into the infinite freedom of divine being, then this is not enough. It is perfectly programmed for the ordinary world; it is not at all capable for the other reality. And the other reality is the real reality. This so-called reality is just so-so: it is a kind of dream that you are seeing with open eyes.

And you are lost. Everybody is lost. Have you ever thought about it? That you are lost? That you don’t know from where you are coming? That you don’t know why in the first place you are coming? That you don’t know what you are, and why you are there? That you don’t know where you are going, and for what?

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