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Chapter 5: Desiring the Unattainable

But it is beyond - beyond the senses, because the senses cannot open toward it, they open in the opposite direction. Beyond the mind, because the mind cannot lead you there, it always leads you somewhere else. The mind is an instrument for the world; the mind is a mechanism to move without, to move away from you. It is meant for that. That’s why there is so much emphasis that in samadhi there is no mind. Samadhi is a state of no-mind, the mind ceases.

In our meditation techniques, our effort is this: how to cease to be a mind, how to drop the mind, how to drop thinking; how to come to a moment where no thinking exists, and simple attention exists, simple awareness, exists. “No thinking,” means no clouds in the sky, just the sky. “No thinking,” means no clouds of the mind, just consciousness. In that consciousness, you are within.

In the mind, you are without; in no-mind you are within. This transfer from mind to no-mind is the whole journey.

The transfer from mind to no-mind is the whole journey.

If you can add “no” to your mind, you have reached. That’s why it is called beyond.

Desire only that which is beyond you - beyond your senses, beyond your mind, beyond your ego. “You” will not be there. Your innermost center is not you; you are just the periphery. The periphery cannot be at the center. When you move toward the center you leave the periphery. The periphery cannot exist at the center. It belongs to the center but it exists outside the center, just around it.

Whatsoever you know about yourself is just the periphery: your name, your identity, your image. You are a Hindu or a Mohammedan or a Christian; you are black or you are white; you are this and that. Your nation, race, culture, is all just on the periphery, all your conditionings are just on the periphery.

The world cannot enter your center. It can only cultivate the periphery, it can only touch you on your boundaries. Only your boundary can be Hindu, only your boundary can be Christian, only your boundary can be Jaina. You are not, you cannot be.

Only your boundary belongs to India or to Pakistan or to America. You cannot belong to any nation, to any race. You belong to existence itself. All divisions are false at the center, but they are meaningful on the periphery.

So, whatsoever you know about yourself is your ego. Ego is just a utilitarian word. Your whole periphery means you, and this you will drop when you start moving inward.

This you will drop by and by; this you will disappear; this you will evaporate. Then a point will come when you are authentically yourself; your old self is no longer there. That’s why it is said: Desire only that which is beyond you. It is beyond you because when you reach it you have lost yourself.

The ninth sutra:

Desire only that which is unattainable.

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