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Chapter 8: Don’t Search for a Home, Search for Yourself

I can see that it is painful, but we are responsible for the pain. It feels that life is not just, not fair, because it has taken a toy from our hands. One should not be in such a hurry to come to such great conclusions. Wait a little more. Perhaps it is always for the good - all the changes. You should just be patient enough. You should give life a little more rope.

And always remember, the joy is not in completing something; the joy is that you desired, that you desired it with your total intensity, that while you were making it you had forgotten everything, the whole world - that it was the only focus of your whole being. And there is your bliss and your reward - not in the completion, not in the permanence of anything.

In this changing flux of existence we have to find in each moment its own reward. Whatever we were doing, we did our best, we were not half-hearted; we were not keeping back something: we were putting our total being into the act. That’s where our bliss is.

Then what happens to those dreams.they are really dreams, and it is a great challenge to make dreams into realities. But you should never forget it is a dream after all. It is a joy to make it a reality, but don’t forget that it remains a dream - and sooner or later it disappears.

If this awareness is there, then after each change in your life you will find yourself becoming sharper, more intelligent, more mature; becoming more alert to the very delicate nuances of existence - and with tremendous acceptance of whatever happens.

My whole life I have seen many things disappearing. I have made more friends than perhaps anybody has ever made. But somebody is a friend today - tomorrow it is finished. He finds some path on a crossroad and separates. But I have always taken it for granted that we are only travelers - one never knows how long someone is going to be with you. While someone is with you, give as much love as you can, share as much as you can. Tomorrow perhaps you will have to say good-bye to the person.

My whole life I have been going from one place to another place because something has failed. But I have not failed. Thousands of dreams can fail - that does not make me a failure. On the contrary, each dream disappearing makes me more victorious because it does not disturb me, does not even touch me. Its disappearance is an advantage, is an opportunity to learn to be mature. Then the best will be coming out of you. And whatever happens will not make any difference - your best will go on growing to higher peaks.

But never try to succeed against time, against life, against existence. Always remain in a let-go. Then one is never defeated, is never in a state of failure. And there is nothing to hide because there is no clinging to anything to make it permanent - any relationship, any friendship, any activity, anything - there is no desire to cling to it as long as things happen which you enjoy. You open yourself, you allow the juice of those moments to fill your being, and when those moments are gone you are always grateful, never complaining.

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