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Chapter 14: The Biggest Lies in the Loudest Voice

Government is a condemnation of every one of us. The very existence of the government and the police and the army shows that we are still not civilized. Otherwise there is no need for courts, judges, police officers - what is the need of them?

If man is really man, if people become meditators and their criminal mind disappears, then the politician is naturally alerted. It is dangerous. If this commune succeeds, then there will be more communes arising in the country, and the politician will be in danger.

I have been condemning the politicians and the priests together because they are two sides of one coin. They are conspiring against humanity together. They have made a division: the politician will rule the body of man, and the priest will rule his soul. And they will support each other, because their interest is the same - domination over humanity.

My effort to make life absolutely based on freedom and to destroy all possibilities of domination by anybody, naturally brought the politicians and the Christian priests together.

This persecution was not the simple persecution that every religion does against any competitive religion. This was a very unprecedented persecution. All religions, all societies, all nations were against a single man who had no organization, but only friends and lovers and fellow travelers.

It is a strange fact that Christians are against Hindus, Hindus are against Jainas, Jainas are against Buddhists, Buddhists are againstMohammedans - but as far as I am concerned they are all together. On one point at least I have created a unity: they are all my enemies, because I am hammering on the basic roots of every religion, which are the same.

You are saying, Niren, “At the same time, it twists and breaks its own laws to persecute you who embody freedom and truth.” That is my crime: freedom and truth.

Politicians are very happy if you simply talk about it, but if you start creating a certain group of people who start living truth, who start living in freedom, then the danger immediately arises in the hearts of the priests and politicians. They are perfectly at ease if you are only talking.

I was not only talking.

My effort is that I want to see whatever I am saying as a realized experience for all those who have come in some deep loving commitment with me. This was the danger.

You say, “It seems that politicians always tell the biggest lies in the loudest voice. The worst tyrants talk most about peace and freedom.” There is some hidden psychology behind it.

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