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Chapter 32: First, Be Yourself

Personality simply means, “We see your mask.” You yourself look in the mirror and see your mask. Finding yourself, looking in the mirror is not going to help. You will have to close your eyes and look within, and you will have to drop all layers which make your personality.

And the moment you discover your individuality you have discovered the very truth that liberates. Not only you, but it creates the atmosphere in which many others will be liberated.

And that’s the function of the commune here, that even if few people are liberated they will create enough energy, atmosphere, intensity, for others to gather courage and to take the jump from personality to individuality.

It is the greatest risk in life, so only gamblers can do it. It is not for businessmen, because everything you have vested in the personality - your education, your job, your family, your tradition - everything is vested in the personality. Taking a jump from the personality into the individuality is almost taking a jump into nothingness.

And it is in a way nothingness. Hence Buddha used to call it nirvana. The word simply means nothingness. Your personality ceases but a totally new being is born. But the joy of the birth of this new being is immense, inexhaustible. And to know it is to know that you are immortal. To know it is to know that you are not an island, that you are part of an infinite continent, the whole existence. Then the farthest star is also connected with you. Then this whole existence becomes your very family. You are no more separate and there is no possibility of separation.

So whenever you find any contradiction in my words, it will be only apparent. Basically there cannot be any contradiction.

There is a too much of dependence among the members of the commune on you. They have come here because of you.

That’s true. But that does not prove that they are dependent.

You seem to be remote from these people, and very cold. To me it appeared to be cold, that you almost don’t care. But when you came in, I felt like you were a Baul.

A madcap Baul

I’d like to go and sit with you and chat with you and spend time with you, but I cannot do that because the restrictions. Please tell me why.

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