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Chapter 42: Everything Beautiful Is Absurd

For thousands of years humanity has remained stuck. If Charles Darwin is true, that one day, thousands of years ago, even monkeys managed to become men, then what has man been doing for thousands of years? Is evolution finished? Has man come to a full stop? It does not seem so. Looking at your misery, your suffering, your anguish, you cannot be accepted as the end of evolution.

Then what has gone wrong? Monkeys could become man because there was no priest amongst them - they were free. Man could not evolve higher consciousness, for the simple reason that your higher consciousness will take away the leadership of your priests, politicians, popes.

The word pope also means the father. Why so much desire for a father? You must be feeling immensely helpless, must be feeling that you need somebody to protect you, somebody who is all-knowing, all-powerful. But the very dependence is your slavery.

Each leader - political, religious, or of any other brand - is against the evolution of man.

I am not your leader. And I hate the very word from my guts, because I can see the implications of it. To be a leader means to be a criminal! Of course, the crime is so subtle that you don’t see somebody being murdered. But the whole humanity is being crushed, murdered under the weight of it.

You have been told for centuries just to follow: it is not your business to think, to contemplate, to meditate, to decide for your own life. Somebody else has to decide it. Somebody else has to give you ideals, values. Your function is only to be faithful.

Faith is poison, and to be faithful means you have committed suicide. But the leader needs faithful people, committed people, surrendered people. These are good words for making people enslaved.

But the guide is a friend, he is not your leader. He has found something which you can also find. His function is to make you aware of your potentiality. His function is not to create a certain personality according to his ideas but to give you freedom, to help you come out of all kinds of conditionings so that you can become an individual.

Personality is borrowed. It is what others have made of you. Individuality is your nature. It is what you have brought from your very birth with you.

The guide helps you to destroy the personality. The moment the personality falls apart, suddenly you discover your original face. And your original face is always a tremendous transformation. You have got hold of your natural being, of your spontaneity, of your freedom. And these are the basic elements which will help you on the way.

Now you can move on your own, without any leader, without any father figure, without any pope, without any God. You feel a strange contentment with yourself. You feel whole unto yourself.

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