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Chapter 7: Your Ego Is the Distance between You and Me

The nose is so clean, and so cold and cool, and just rubbing the nose is a little playful too. But don’t do it in any society where it is not known. If you start rubbing noses with somebody, you will be caught immediately: something has gone wrong with this man!

It is better to adjust and be normal. Just remember inside - a clear division - what is acting and what is your reality. You will have to hide yourself behind a personality. Here you can drop the personality outside the gate and you can be a real individual, but the moment you go out of the gate, just pull up your blanket of personality around yourself; it is absolutely right, there is nothing to be worried about.

“Betty,” called the teacher, “tell me the meaning of the word trickle.”

“To run slowly,” said Betty.

“Quite right,” said the teacher. “Now tell me the meaning of the word anecdote.”

“A short funny tale,” said Betty.

“Good girl,” said the teacher. “Now see if you can give me a sentence with both those words in it.”

Betty thought for a moment: “Yes, I know,” she said. “Our dog trickled down the street wagging his anecdote.”

Now, children have their own perception of things, and when you are talking to children you have to understand their language and their perception. What Betty is saying is perfectly right according to her perception. She had already given the meaning of both the words separately; but the teacher understood it according to her own understanding - the dictionary meaning, of which Betty is unaware. She has certainly seen the dog trickling down the street wagging his tail; she is talking about her experience.

When you go into the world don’t suddenly start talking about experiences that happened here; otherwise people will think you are becoming a little lunatic, something is getting loose in your head. If you start talking about ecstasy, blissfulness, silence, love, they will listen to you but they cannot understand - and it is not their fault. When you go back to them, speak their language. Unless you find someone with whom you can share your experiences - who has some idea, who has entered into some inner space; he may not have reached to the ultimate XYZ, but he has started the ABC - then there is some possibility.

Sufis, because of this problem, have been underground for twelve hundred years, because Mohammedans are fanatic people.. Sufism was born in the Mohammedan areas of the world; it is the pure essence of Mohammedanism, but only for those who have that deep insight. Otherwise it appears to be against Mohammedanism. The superficial organized religion is always against its very own foundations; it is always against its own founders.

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