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Chapter 4: Contrary to Expectation

From the camel to the lion, it is evolution. From the lion to the child, it is revolution. A master is needed at that stage. The society can make you a camel, you yourself can make yourself a lion. But to make the lion a child you will need a master - a Buddha, a Christ, a Rumi - you will need a butterfly who has wings. Only with a winged phenomenon will you be able to start dreaming about wings.

How can you dream about something that you have not known at all? Do you think that a very primitive tribe living somewhere in the Himalayas can dream of a car? They have not seen one, they cannot dream about it. The dream is possible only when you have seen something - when you have seen a Christ or a Buddha or a Bodhidharma, and you know that this happens. These people look just like you, and still they are not like you. They have the same body, the same structure, and yet something from the unknown has penetrated their being. The beyond has come into them, the beyond is very, very tangible there. If you approach them with sympathy and love you will be able to have a few glimpses of their inner sky. And once you have seen that inner sky you will start dreaming about it. A great longing will arise in you: how to become a winged phenomenon?

That is the infection that comes from the master to the disciple. The third phenomenon happens through the master. “The child” means creativity, interdependence.

The first stage, the camel, was dependence; the second stage was independence; but in innocence one comes to know that there is neither dependence nor independence. Existence is interdependence - all are dependent on each other. It is all one.

The sense of the whole is born: no I, no thou, no fixation with yes or no, no obsession either to say yes always or to say no always; more fluidity, more spontaneity; neither obedience nor disobedience, but spontaneity. Responsibility is born. One responds to existence, one does not react out of the past, and does not react out of the future. The camel lives in the past, the lion lives in the future, the child lives in the present, here-now.

The camel is pre-mind, the lion is mind, the child is post-mind. The camel is pre-self, the lion is self, the child is post-self. That’s what the meaning of the state of no-mind is. Sufis call it fana - the ego is gone, the other too. They are both together, you cannot have one without the other. I/thou are part of one energy; they both disappear.

The child simply is.ineffable, indefinable, a mystery, a wonder. The camel has memory, the lion has knowledgeability and the child has wisdom. The camel is either Christian, Hindu or Mohammedan, theist; the lion is atheist; and the child is religious - neither theist nor atheist, neither Hindu nor Mohammedan nor Christian nor communist; just a simple religiousness, the quality of love and innocence.