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Chapter 5: Bound in Deep Togetherness

And this is what religious people have been doing for centuries. They think they are creating great philosophical ideas. Professors of philosophy and professors of theology don’t know anything about themselves, but they are trying to prove that their idea of God is true. They themselves live in absolute unconsciousness. If they were not unconscious they will not argue about God; they will live God, they will radiate God. God would be their fragrance, their presence.

An absent-minded professor of philosophy was going out to dinner one evening with his wife.

“I don’t like that tie you have on,” she said. “I wish you would go upstairs and put on another.”

The professor quietly obeyed. Minute after minute passed until finally the impatient wife went upstairs to see what had happened. In his room she found her husband undressed and getting into bed.

Old habit! The moment he took out his tie he thought the time has come to go to bed.

And these are the people who go on proposing great systems of thought. Immanuel Kant has created one of the greatest philosophical systems in the world, and he himself was such an unaware man that it seems almost impossible how a man can be so unaware. There are thousands of anecdotes about his life.

One day he came home after his evening walk.He was a very regular person in his habits, in his routines. He never got married for the simple reason that the woman may disturb his pattern. He never allowed any friendship because then you have to be polite to the friends. And if you want to go to bed and your friend is sitting, just out of etiquette, mannerism, you have to go on talking. And he was such a mechanical man that at exactly nine - and nine meant nine, not a minute before, not a minute after - he will go to bed. He never married for the simple reason because women are illogical and they won’t understand, and there will be unnecessary quarrels.

He kept a servant, and the servant used to declare only time. There was no need to say anything, he will simply come and say, “Sir, it is nine,” and he will jump into the bed.

The servant was puzzled that it was almost ten in the night and his light was still on, so he went to have a look what has happened. He looked from the window and he could not believe his eyes: he was standing in a corner of the room with closed eyes, and his walking stick was Lying on the bed! When he came after the walk he forgot who is who - just a little confusion! And it was nine o’clock so there was no time even to think about the matter, to figure it out, who is who. He was in such a hurry!

The servant came in, shook him and asked, “What is the matter? What are you doing?”

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