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Chapter 18: Go Higher

In this way one generation gives all its diseases to the other generation. And for centuries all kinds of idiotic ideas remain prevalent, remain alive because there are people who believe in them. They are ready to die for those ideas, they are ready to kill for those ideas, and those ideas are simply fictions.

The complexity comes because the child, out of necessity, has to grow up with people who are unconscious - they cannot but do harm. They are bound to give him their minds, knowing perfectly well that their minds have not helped them, that their minds and their ideologies have not liberated them. Still, they think something is better than nothing: “Perhaps we have not worked hard. Perhaps we have not disciplined ourselves according to our own philosophies. The philosophies are not wrong, we are wrong.”

The situation is just the opposite: the philosophies are wrong. And once those philosophies settle down in the child’s mind they become the very base of his intelligence, his intellectual development. That is what creates complexities, and the complexities have become more and more.

In the past a Hindu was only burdened by Hindu superstitions; he knew nothing about Judaism, he knew nothing about Confucian ideology. He had no idea what other people in the world were thinking. He lived in his own small well, where everybody was thinking alike. Now those wells have disappeared.

Now the Hindu knows about Mohammedan ideas, about Christian ideas, about Jewish ideas; the complexity has grown a thousandfold. He knows not only about theistic theories, he knows about the atheists, the communists, the agnostics. His mind is buzzing with contradictory thoughts. He is full of all kinds of ideas which are against each other. He is crippled because of their contradiction, he cannot do anything - because whatever he wants to do, there is some idea that says that it is not right.

If he wants to be a vegetarian. Jainas and Buddhists have been vegetarians for twenty-five centuries. No Jaina has ever thought that he could be anything other than vegetarian, but now questions arise. Not a single vegetarian has been able to receive a Nobel Prize - strange. You have the purest minds; those meat-eaters have thick skulls. You are pure vegetables - cabbages, cauliflowers, beautiful things - but not a single Nobel Prize. Strange. But the meat-eaters.

Hindus don’t eat the meat of the cows; Jews do, and Jews receive forty percent of the Nobel Prizes. It is simply inconceivable, out of all proportion to their population. And they are eating cow meat! Questions arise. And it has been found that vegetarians will never receive the Nobel Prize because no vegetable can give them certain proteins which only meat can give them.

I have found an alternative. In my commune. It was a vegetarian commune, but I was giving all commune members unfertilized eggs. They are vegetable, because they don’t have any life - but they have all the proteins that are necessary for intelligence to grow.

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