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Chapter 8: Meditate a Little Bit

The buddha is talking of the other shore. The other shore is available only to those who grow in intelligence. Priests want you to remain stupid and buddhas want you to become more and more intelligent. Hence there is a conflict between the priests and the buddhas.

Jesus was crucified not by criminals but by the rabbis, by the priests. Socrates was not poisoned by bad people but by the respectable ones. Why? - because Socrates was trying to make life available to his disciples in its totality. What was his crime? The crime for which the people of Athens - the respectable people, the highest strata of the society - dragged him into the court was that he was corrupting the youth. He was making life available to his disciples in its totality - and he was condemned as a corrupter of youth.

I am also condemned as a corrupter of youth. It seems humanity has not grown at all; we are moving in circles. If Socrates comes back he will not find it difficult to understand man. He will find it very difficult to understand a car or a radio or a television; it may be really inconceivable for him what these things are, how they function. Ordinary things that you never think about - electricity - he will not be able to understand. But he will be absolutely able to understand man, because man has not grown at all. Man is the same - is doing the same, is behaving in the same foolish way.

People are against me because I am making all the apples available to you. Eat them. Live life in its totality.

And, Anuradha, soon - the day is not far off - many of you are going to become enlightened in this life. I can see you moving closer and closer to the point from where the ego disappears.

Now Anuradha is getting into difficulties: her memory is disappearing, she can’t remember much. And of course Arup is worried, because Anuradha helps her in writing letters and she cannot remember.. Even to write a single letter she takes at least one hour. But as far as I am concerned, I am immensely happy - it is Arup’s problem! I am immensely happy. The past is disappearing, the memory is becoming totally different. Now more important things are happening which have to be remembered; the ordinary, the mundane, cannot be remembered.

And the ego is disappearing. Anuradha has become almost empty. I say “almost” - just a little bit is left. Once that little bit is gone, the beyond will start showering on her. The first flowers have started opening, the spring is close by.

Anuradha, feel blessed. The spring is very close by, and I am immensely pleased with you.

The fourth question: