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Chapter 7: Zorba Is My Past: Buddha Is My Present

Socrates has a beautiful method of dialogue, but that method is useful only for blind people. And in the West, unfortunately, the experience of enlightenment has not happened. It is just the same in the East: science has not reached to its peaks, and in the West spirituality has not reached to its peaks. Both are half - and because of this division, man is divided.

My effort is to create a synthesis, to bring one unity between the materialistic, scientific approach of the West and the spiritual, meditative approach of the East. That will make man complete, whole. And to be whole is the only way to be holy. There is no other way.

I have nothing to say to you unless you ask.

If you ask, then spontaneously I respond.

I am not prepared for it. If you don’t ask then there is nothing from my side to be said to you. Then we can sit in silence. If you can understand silence then there is no need for language to be brought in. This is the reason why I do not use Socratic dialogue.

Is your philosophy influenced by the Western psychoanalytic tradition?

No. On the contrary, my philosophy is contributing to the Western psychoanalytic sciences.

The Western psychoanalytic approach ends with the mind. It does not believe beyond the mind, and man’s real being is beyond the mind.

This is one of the reasons that Western psychoanalysis has not been able to help anybody. There have been people who for ten years, twelve years have been undergoing psychoanalytic processes, and still they have not reached anywhere.

You will be surprised to know that the Western psychoanalyst, as a profession, commits suicide in numbers double that of any other profession; he goes mad in numbers double that of any other profession. This is something great.these are the psychoanalysts! And each psychoanalyst once in a while needs to be psychoanalyzed by another psychoanalyst. It is very superficial!

In the East, we never developed anything like psychoanalysis. What we developed is mind transcendence. In the Eastern approach the mind is the disease. Whatever you do with it, at the most you can make it normally sick, you can keep it within boundaries. So there are only two kinds of people: abnormally sick and normally sick. The function of psychoanalysis is to bring the abnormally sick back into the fold of the normally sick.

In the East in ten thousand years we have never thought of anything like psychoanalysis. What we have thought of is mind transcendence, and that’s what meditation is. Rather than trying to make the mind healthy, it is better to go beyond mind, where the source of all health is, all wisdom, all sanity.

Once you are beyond the mind, then the mind becomes such a good servant. You cannot find a single instance in the whole history of the East where a meditator has gone and committed suicide, where a meditator has gone mad.

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