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Chapter 7: Love Dispels Fear

This is po: he is not answering the question at all; he is answering something else. He is not getting down to the legal world; he remains perched on his peak of love. He says,

“This is the first and great commandment.”

Love thy God with all thy heart, all thy mind, and all thy soul. The question was about law, and the answer is about love. In fact, he has not answered the question; or, you can say he has answered the question because this is the only answer, there can be no other answer.

This has to be understood. Only from a higher plane can the question of a lower plane be answered; remaining on the same plane, the answer is impossible. For example, from where you are the question arises, many questions arise. If you ask a person who remains on the same plane as you, he cannot answer you. His answers may look relevant, but cannot be relevant, because he is also in the same situation as you.

It is like a madman helping another madman, the blind leading the blind, a confused man helping another confused man to attain to clarity. More muddledness, more confusion will happen out of it. That’s what has happened in the world - everybody is advising everybody else. Nothing is cheaper than advice; in fact, it costs nothing - just for the asking, and everybody is ready to give you advice. Neither you think about it, nor those who are giving you advice, that they exist on the same plane, that their advice is simply useless; or, it can be even harmful. Only somebody who is on a higher plane than you can be of any help; one who has a clearer perception, a deeper clarity, a more crystallized being - only he can answer your questions.

I have heard - it happened once: In a certain city in Tibet, wisdom was sold. A man who wanted to become wise went to the marketplace. There were many shops, and in every shop wisdom was sold. And it was plentiful; in fact so much so that it was very cheap. So he purchased thousands of wisdom bits.

He came home loaded with many bullock carts. He became wise. Then he used to visit his friends to show the wisdom, because when you have it, you have to show it; otherwise what is its use? A wisdom that is borrowed or purchased can have only one function - that of exhibition. It cannot be of any use to you; you can just use it as a decoration. But those friends had also purchased from the same market, and everybody was wise. In that town it was difficult to find a foolish man, because all fools had purchased. They discussed, they argued; every day they would meet and hurt each other by their arguments, and everybody would try to prove that “my” view was right. And nobody was ready to listen to anybody. They created much confusion, much anger, much hostility. And they enjoyed it - that fiery exchange of hostility - -they became addicted to it.

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