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Chapter 2: Fast Asleep Even While Awake

And this is so for everything you do. Even if you try to do something good, you harm. Look at the do-gooders: they always do harm, they are the most mischievous people in the world. Social reformers, so-called revolutionaries, they are the most mischievous people. But it is difficult to see where their mischief lies because they are very good people, they are always doing good to others - that is their way of creating an imprisonment for the other. If you allow them to do something good to you, you will be possessed.

They start by massaging your feet, and sooner or later you will find their hands reach your neck; at the feet they start, at the neck they end - because they are unaware, they don’t know what they are doing. They have learnt a trick: that if you want to possess someone, do good. They are not even conscious that they have learnt this trick. But they will do harm because anything, anything that tries to possess the other person, whatsoever its name or form, is irreligious, is a sin. Your churches, your temples, your mosques, they have all committed sins on you because they all became possessors, they all became dominations.

Every church is against religion because religion is freedom. Why does it happen then? Jesus tries to give freedom, wings to you. Then what happens, how does this church come in? It happens because Jesus lives on a totally different plane of being, the plane of awareness; and those who listen to him, those who follow him, they live on the plane of sleep. Whatsoever they hear, interpret, it is interpreted through their own dreams - and whatsoever they create is going to be a sin. Christ gives you religion and then people who are fast asleep convert it into a church.

It is said that once Satan, the devil, was sitting under a tree, very sad. A saint was passing; he looked at Satan and he said, “We have heard that you never rest, you are always doing some mischief or other somewhere or other. What are you doing here sitting under the tree?”

Satan was really depressed. He said, “It seems my work has been taken over by the priests, and I cannot do anything - I am completely unemployed. Sometimes I have the idea of committing suicide because these priests are doing so well.” Priests have done so well because they converted freedom into imprisonments, they converted truth into dogmas - they converted everything from the plane of awareness to the plane of sleep. Try to understand what this sleep exactly is, because if you can feel what it is you have already started to become alert, already - already you are on the way to go out of it. What is this sleep? How does it happen? What is the mechanism? What is its modus operandi?

The mind is always either in the past or in the future. It cannot be in the present, it is absolutely impossible for the mind to be in the present. When you are in the present, the mind is there no more because mind means thinking. How can you think in the present? You can think about the past; it has already become part of the memory, the mind can work it out. You can think about the future; it is not yet there, the mind can dream about it. Mind can do two things: either it can move into the past; there is space enough to move, the vast space of the past - you can go on and on and on. Or the mind can move into the future; again vast space, no end to it - you can imagine and imagine and dream. But how can mind function in the present? It has no space for the mind to make any movement.

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