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Chapter 8: Going Alone

Only the idiot is always obedient. Even God wanted Adam to be an idiot, because it was his vested interest that Adam and Eve remain idiots so they could go on worshipping him.

In my vision the Devil is the world’s first revolutionary, and the Devil is the most significant person in the whole of history. The whole civilization and progress owe much to the Devil - not to God at all. God wanted only a stupid Adam, a stupid Eve; and if Adam had followed God you would still be chewing grass in the Garden of Eden!

Man has moved because he revolted against God. God was the establishment. God represents the establishment, authority, the power and the domination. Anybody who is intelligent cannot be converted into a slave; he would rather die than become a slave. He cannot be exploited and he cannot be dragged away from his own center.

My people have to learn the fact that I believe only in the religion of revolt. Except that, there is no religiousness. Except that, there is no possibility of your consciousness rising to the highest potential that you are carrying as dormant energy.

Paddy had recently joined his local skydiving club and had gone up for his first jump. Everything was going perfectly until it was Paddy’s turn to jump.

“Hold it,” shouted his instructor, “you are not wearing your parachute!”

“Oh, that’s okay,” replied Paddy, “we are just practicing, aren’t we?”

Society needs these idiots. They are perfectly obedient, docile, ready to be exploited, ready to be reduced almost into animals.

Kalyan, don’t be afraid of accepting yourself. That’s where your real treasure is, that’s where your home is. Don’t listen to the so-called wise - they are the poisoners who have killed millions of people, destroyed their lives, taken away all meaning and significance..

It does not matter who you are. What matters is that you should remain exactly what you are, because from there starts growth.

A few sutras for you to meditate upon.. Perhaps they may give you some courage, some intelligence.

“Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” So don’t be worried about being ignorant; everybody is.

“All men are born free, but some get married.” So just be alert, and freedom is yours!

“Illusion is the first of all pleasures.” Remember, the life of growth goes beyond the mundane life of pleasures. Pleasure is not something very significant; it is just like scratching your skin: it feels pleasant, but just for a little while. If you go on scratching you will bring blood, and then pleasure turns into pain. And you all know that you have turned all your pleasures into pain.

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