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Chapter 2: The Paths of Love and Meditation

“First recognize your self-nature rightly. Then, through that recognition, let whatever God wants to be done through your self-nature happen. Then become just a vehicle.”

If Krishna had seen even the smallest potential for sannyas in Arjuna, then he would have said to him, “Leave this - war is not for you.” Then Krishna would not have been able to persuade him to go to war. There would have been no reason to stop him from becoming a sannyasin. If Arjuna had the potential for sannyas, then even if Krishna had tried to stop him he would not have been able to. He would have listened to everything Krishna had to say to him, thanked him and said, “You have made so much effort for me, but still I recognize that my self-nature is taking me to sannyas. I can hear exactly what you are saying - that to die for one’s self-nature is beautiful - and my self-nature is taking me to the forest, so I am going.”

Don’t try to fix yourself into some pattern, otherwise you will become disturbed. Whatever direction the natural flow takes you in, make that the direction of your life. There are many people who cannot attain the divine while staying in the marketplace, it does not suit their self-nature.

In my family I have an older uncle. He is not a businessman, he is a born poet. But because you cannot earn any money from poetry nor can you fill your stomach with poems, and since the whole family is in business, when he returned from the university after completing his education, naturally he was asked to join the business. He had no interest in having any other job either, so there was no other way. He was given responsibility for a shop. I have been observing him, ever since I was a child. If there was no other member of the family present and a customer wanted to come into the shop, he would simply make a gesture with his hand for that person to move on.

A shop cannot be run by such a person. A customer is not a beggar - he cannot be given the hand gesture to just move on! And my uncle would make the gesture silently, so no one else could hear, because if the family members found out about it they would have been angry. They would say to him, “Have you been given charge of the shop to run it or to ruin it?” And the customer that he made the gesture to would never come back to the shop again. Why would you go to a shop where you are treated like a beggar? And my uncle would look at the customers with such sadness and such displeasure.. A shop cannot be run this way.

If no customers came he would be very happy. If the whole day passed by without any customers, then there was no end to his happiness. He would compose a few lines of poetry or he would make up a song. He even wrote poems in the shop’s ledgers! He was forced into being a shopkeeper, it was not according to his nature. Naturally his being will be suffocated.

Similarly, if you try to force a businessman to write poetry, that too will be a problem. He will create a shop even in his poetry. Even the images in his poetry will only be an expansion of the shop.

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