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Chapter 37: Silent Equilibrium

Kaveesha, that’s my whole life’s work - to bring the mundane close to the sacred, to bring science closer to poetry, to bring the ordinary closer to the romantic. The split between the two is the split in every man, and then there is conflict. Rather than being a harmony, science is fighting your religion; mathematics is fighting your poetry.

Albert Einstein’s wife, Frau Elsa Einstein, was a poet. They actually chose a full-moon night for their honeymoon - it was Elsa’s idea. Einstein reluctantly agreed because he could not understand what the full moon has to do with a honeymoon, except the word moon.

Moreover, when she showed him that she has written a poem especially for their honeymoon in which she describes her lover as the moon, Einstein laughed and said, “Stop that nonsense. And it is better you stop it on this honeymoon night. Never do anything like that to me, because the moon is so big.you cannot compare me with the moon. And, there is nothing beautiful in the moon.

“If you are standing on the moon, the earth will look lighted and the moon will look just like the earth - without any light. So it is an illusion: some rays reflecting back create the beauty of the moon. Otherwise there is no light. The light of the moon is borrowed, it is simply reflected. It is being reflected from the earth too; you just have to be far away to see it.”

The astronauts could not believe the beauty of the earth looking from the moon. The moon was just ordinary. Not even grass grows there: no water, no beautiful mountains, no trees, no birds, no life - just simply barren earth which produces nothing. And looking from there to the earth, the earth looks so glorious, so beautiful, and naturally it is far bigger; the moon is a small part of this earth. It is many times bigger than the moon, so naturally there is more light. They could not believe that the earth could be so beautiful.

Albert Einstein said to his wife, “It is all poetic nonsense.” Elsa was shocked, but she understood that he is a mathematician, a physicist, and it is useless to talk with him about the ways of the heart. He understands only one language: the language of the mind. He understands only one way of looking at things: the way of logic, not of love. But she was heartbroken that she is going to live with this man her whole life and she will not be able to share her creation with the man she loves because he will simply laugh and make her feel stupid.

Naturally, if you bring in mathematics and physics and chemistry you will destroy the poetry. Poetry has nothing to do with all these things.

My effort is that a man should be capable of being a great mathematician, yet not lose the capacity of being a poet. And these are two separate centers in his being so there is no need to create any conflict.

When you are working on some mathematical problem, work on it with the mind. But when you are with a lover, put the mind aside, otherwise you cannot be with a lover. The synthesis is not to make mind and heart one; the synthesis is to rise above both, so that you can use any in a particular situation without the hindrance of the other.

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