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Chapter 10: The Inner Music

In these sutras today, Kabir is talking about something very fundamental. Listen to his words - don’t only hear, listen. And don’t only listen, meditate with him, go with him. He is not a philosopher, he is not propounding a system of thought; he is a poet. He is singing his own experience. He is not concerned with concepts. He is pouring his heart into his songs, he is pouring himself into his words.

You have to be very sensitive to understand this great poetic expression of mysticism, this great poetic expression of religion. And religion can only be expressed through poetry, through music, through dance. Any other way of expressing religion falls short, is inadequate. The mysterious has to be indicated only by something mysterious. God cannot be approached through the mind of calculation, mathematics. It is not possible to approach God through prose. The door opens only when you approach him through poetry.

Poetry is more liquid, more vague, not so solid as prose. Prose says something clearly, poetry only hints. Prose shouts, poetry only whispers. Prose is for the mundane world, poetry is for the sacred.

So whenever it happens that a person becomes a buddha, his expression, without any effort, becomes that of poetry. He may not compose poetry literally, but whatsoever he says, whatsoever he is, is poetry.

Kabir was absolutely illiterate, never went to any school, was not able to read or write. Still, when it happened, he exploded in great poetry. When the experience arose in his being, when the doors opened and mysteries were revealed, he bloomed in thousands of flowers. No other poet can be compared with Kabir. There have been greater poets than Kabir, but they were mere poets - talented, with great art, but Kabir has a personal experience of the divine which is missing in other poets. They may be talking about God, but it is mere talk. With Kabir it is not just talking. It is his heartfelt experience - it is existential.

Have you heard the music that no fingers
enter into?

The original is:

Sunta nahin dhun ki khabar,
anakad ka baja bajta?
Sunta nahin dhun ki khabar.

Why are you not listening to the inner music which is constantly arising? You are made of it. It is not something foreign to you. It does not come from the outside. It is the music of your very existence, of your being. It is the music of your inner harmony, it is the music of your inner rhythm.

Sunta nahin dhun ki khabar.

Why don’t you listen to the inner rhythm of your being?

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