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Chapter 10: When I Call You My Friends, I Mean It

It happened with Jesus: the Jews were angry because he was saying that he was the last prophet of the Jews - “for whom you have been waiting for centuries.” The high priest of the great temple of the Jews, and the supreme body of the rabbis who decided matters about their religion, decided that this young man Jesus should be crucified. His sin? His crime? - that he was proclaiming himself to be the last prophet.

If you do not agree with him, that is perfectly okay, but there seems to be no reason that he should be crucified.

My case is absolutely different. I am not saying that I am anybody’s reincarnation. I hate the very idea! I have my own original face; I don’t want to become anybody’s carbon copy.

The Mahabodhi Society is saying that I am making statements as if I am the reincarnation of Gautama the Buddha. I have never said a single word about reincarnation. I have simply said that he wanted to use my body - unfortunately I allowed him, but fortunately I was able to persuade him and to say good-bye to him.

Now as far as I am concerned the story is closed. If the Mahabodhi Society wants, it can file a court case against Gautam Buddha! Why did he knock on my doors?

It is not my fault. To be angry at me simply shows your stupidity. If you were really lovers of Gautam Buddha, you would have come here and investigated the case. No one entered these gates to inquire! You could have phoned and inquired, “What is the situation?” But no inquiry has been made at all.

And you are not even up-to-date about the event. That guy you think so much of is no longer here! Next time, if he comes here he will be kicked out, I promise you - to your heart’s content!

It is an old, very old story.

The people of Athens could not tolerate the genius of Socrates. In fact, he was the very cream of the Greek mind, but they poisoned him. The little man is always against the giant.

Jesus certainly proved a far bigger prophet than he was claiming to the Jews. After his crucifixion Christianity was born, which is now the biggest religion in the world - almost half of the world is Christian. Certainly, Jesus was not a false prophet. His genuineness is proved by the conversion of half of humanity to Christianity.

But Jews could not tolerate the man - particularly the rabbis, the learned, the scholarly, the people like the Mahabodhi Society of India. They could not tolerate him because if the last prophet is going to be born, he should be born in a high priest’s body, or it may take place in some learned scholar, a great rabbi respected by the religion of the Jews. But the last prophet chooses to be a carpenter’s son, uneducated, with no claims to scholarship. It was against the arrogance of the scholarly. This simple young man proved to be a great prophet in spite of his crucifixion - perhaps because of his crucifixion.

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