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Chapter 32: Freedom Brings Its Own Responsibilities

They tried to inject him with poison a second time while he was in the hospital. Sheela’s nurse, the woman who was taking care of Sheela, used to go there, and she injected him. Again he suspected that he had been poisoned.

So it started becoming clear that something wrong is going on somewhere. And a third time he was poisoned when I had started speaking. He was poisoned in a public meeting where fifteen thousand sannyasins were present.

And now we have a witness who saw the woman who injected him. That woman has also escaped with the gang. And he immediately pulled up his robe and showed the people around: blood coming out and the spot where the injection was given. He refused to go to the same medical center, because if they can do it in the middle of fifteen thousand people, the hospital too is not reliable. So we had to send him to Bend. The doctors there could not find any disease, but he was sick and there was no disease.

To Hasya, the wife of the doctor, they said - she is here, the wife of my physician - the doctor said to her that, “All that we can assume is poisoning, because there is no disease, and no symptoms of any disease, and he is so sick.”

And he gave us another idea, which is that just one year before exactly the same case had happened with the attorney of Jefferson County: no disease and the same kind of weakness, as if the person is going to die. And when Hasya told me this, then things became even more connected, because our commune’s property lies half in Wasco County and half in Jefferson County, and the attorney of Jefferson County was not allowing us to do anything on that land.

Half of the land - we have one hundred and twenty-six square miles of land - half of the land, fifty miles or more, is in Jefferson County, and we wanted to make a few cottages for farmers there, and farming, gardening. But he was adamant. Perhaps the same group was behind the poisoning of that man.

Just yesterday one of the doctors informed us that she was poisoned in Sheela’s house. Perhaps they were only experimenting, because the poison was such that only her tongue became paralyzed. She could not speak for twenty-four hours.

Perhaps that was their experiment for me.

If I can be poisoned and I cannot speak, that will be great. I am living - that will help them. I cannot speak - that will help them.

And then she insisted continuously that she needs a key to my bedroom for security reasons.

I said, “I don’t see the point - for ‘security reasons’. Guards are there, the phone is there. You can inform me if there is any problem.”

And finally we had to take the key from her, because that insistence for a key certainly was either to inject me or to do something - one does not know what - while I am asleep.

Yesterday the man who takes care of the cows informed us that he was told to put a certain quantity of poison in my milk every day, so that over a long period it will kill me and nobody will suspect.

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