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Chapter 1: To Create a Few More Rainbows

One of our sannyasins was there. He could see the sincerity of the woman. She never praises anyone; her insight is clear. He was afraid to ask about me, but finally he decided to ask and without any hesitation she said, “I was waiting for a messenger. You have come at the right time. Gautam Buddha is using Bhagwan’s body.

“Right now take these twenty-one very precious real pearls as a present to Bhagwan with my congratulations that a soul that has been wandering around in search of a vehicle has found it.”

The sannyasin was a little doubtful, because he said, “Bhagwan’s body has been poisoned in America. Will Gautam Buddha accept a vehicle which has been poisoned?”

The sincerity of the woman reminds me of Almitra of Kahlil Gibran’s Prophet. She said, “Have you ever heard that a Satan or a devil has been poisoned? It has been the destiny of the buddhas. Don’t think that the body has become impure by poisoning. This has been a fire test, and Bhagwan has come out of it. You take these pearls and my message, and I will be coming myself to pay my respects.”

By the way, I have been calling myself “Bhagwan” just as a challenge to this country, to the Christians, to the Mohammedans, to the Hindus. They have condemned me, but none has been courageous enough to explain the condemnation. From faraway sources there have been articles and letters sent to me saying, “Why do you call yourself ‘Bhagwan’?” And I have laughed, because why does Ram call himself “Bhagwan”? Is he appointed by a committee? And a bhagwan appointed by a committee will not be much of a bhagwan, because the committee does not consist of bhagwans. What right have they?

Is Krishna elected by the people as “Bhagwan”? Is it an election matter? Who has appointed these people? No Hindu has the answer. And a man like Krishna has stolen sixteen thousand women from different people - they were mothers, they were married, unmarried - with no discrimination, and yet no Hindu has the courage to object that a man with such a character has no right to be called Bhagwan.

They can call Kalki, a white horse, “Bhagwan.” Strange people! And they ask me why I call myself Bhagwan. I don’t have any respect for the word. In fact I have every condemnation of it. It is not a beautiful word - although I have tried in my own way to transform the word, but the stupid Hindus won’t allow it. I have tried to give it a new name, a new meaning, a new significance. I have said that it means “the Blessed One, a man with a blessed being,” although it was my invention.

The word bhagwan is a very ugly word. But the Hindus are not even aware of it. They think that it is something very special. Its root meaning - bhag means a woman’s genital organs. And wan means a man’s genital organs. The meaning of the word bhagwan is symbolically that he brings about in the feminine energy of existence, through his male chauvinistic energy, the creation.

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