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Chapter 4: The Power of Love

One woman came up and said that, “She does not know exactly, but she suspects that the house belonging to the planning office in Wasco County was burnt by Sheela.” Because Sheela told her that at a particular place late in the night you stand there with a car, two sannyasins not in sannyasin clothes will come to you. You need not ask anything, simply take them in and bring them back to Rajneeshpuram. She was a little worried and concerned that what is the matter, what is going on, what is the secret in it? Why they should not be wearing red clothes and why such secrecy? And next day she came to know that the planning office of the Wasco County has been burnt. Now it is very simple. She can indicate those two persons who have escaped with the twenty in Sheela’s gang. Sheela has taken her also in her gang so that no proof is left behind. But she felt so guilty that from Seattle she turned back. She said, “I am not going. I am going back to the commune.” And she has come back to the commune.

All these things. In Sheela’s house literature has been found: How to Murder, How to Kill. Literature on all kinds of poisons. Three persons have been poisoned. My own milk was being poisoned slowly every day. And only now the poor sannyasin who looks after the cows has opened his mouth that, “Every night Puja used to come to mix something. I was not aware that this is poison. I thought it is something herbal, must be for your health.” Certainly it was for my health!

Seeing all these things I became aware of one thing that has happened in India. And now I am absolutely certain that Sheela murdered her own first husband. He was sick. He had cancer of lungs and the doctors had said that he cannot live more than two years. When he came to me he was really in despair, death was so close. I said to him that, “Death comes to everybody. You are fortunate that you know when it is coming. You have some uniqueness about your death. You can use these two years in such a way that only your body will die and you will live forever.”

And he started meditating, and a strange phenomenon happened. Two years passed, four years passed, six years passed. He came back to America. He was American Jew. He went to the doctors, they could not believe. They thought that he must be dead by now, long ago. They said, “It is something miraculous. You are not supposed to live! What have you been doing.”

He said, “I have been meditating and I am feeling healthier and I am getting better.”

But once in a while he used to have attacks and when he had the attack, oxygen has to be given to him. Sheela was continuously harassing him. All this I have come to know now. People who had lived in the same house in India have revealed to me that Sheela was harassing him continuously. And because he was sick she was having a love affair with another man. And that was really disgusting. Her husband was dying in the same room and she will bring the other man to make love in the same room in front the husband and naturally he will throw a tantrum. And one day it became so much that she stopped the oxygen. She took out the tube. The poor man died in immense suffering and torture, suffocating.

I did hear the rumor, even in India, that something in mysterious about the death. But there was no solid proof. The man was already burnt. There was no witness. But now seeing Sheela’s all these acts here I feel certain that she has killed her husband too.

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