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Chapter 26: In Aloneness You Are Infinite

In the East people have tried to live by meditation alone, and they have become very very bored. Now in the West they are trying the other polarity: just trying to live by love. Life has become very superficial; just boundaries meeting, centers have completely disappeared.

Real humanity, the humanity of the future, will live by both the polarities together, and that’s my whole effort. That’s what I mean by sannyas - to live by both the polarities together: love and meditation. One should be free to move from one to another, neither polarity becoming a confinement. You should not be afraid of the marketplace, nor too much afraid of the monastery. You should be free to move from the marketplace to the monastery, and from the monastery to the marketplace.

This freedom, this flexibility of movement, I call sannyas. The bigger the swing, the richer your life. There are attractions to remain with just one of the polarities because then life is more simple. If you just remain with people, in the crowd, it is simple. Complexity comes with the contradictory, the opposite pole. If you become a monk or you go to the Himalayas and just live there, life is very simple. But a simple life which has no complexity in it loses much richness.

Life should be both complex and simple. One has to seek this harmony continuously, otherwise life becomes of one note, a single note. You can go on repeating it, but no orchestra can be created out of it.

So whenever you feel that something is now becoming troublesome, immediately move before you become unaware. Never make anywhere your home - neither relationships nor aloneness. Remain flowing and homeless, and don’t abide at any polarity. Enjoy it, delight in it, but when it is finished move to the other - make it a rhythm.

You work in the day, by night you rest, so that again by the next day you are ready to work, energy regained. Just think of a man who goes on working all day and all night, or who goes on sleeping day and night - what kind of a life will that be? One will be a madness, the other a coma. Between the two there is a balance, a harmony. Work hard so that you can relax. Relax deeply so that you become capable of working, of being more creative.


Osho turns to the Hypnotherapy group leader and asks about the group.

Well I’m never really content, but I’m happy.

That’s good. Leaders should never be content, but should always be happy. If you become content you cannot help people, because only discontent brings creativity.

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